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In his review of "The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)," the New Yorker critic Anthony Lane paraphrased no less an author than Leo Tolstoy. "All... [Read More]
In the wake of the avalanche of claims about Harvey Weinstein, more and more powerful men across the nation—in entertainment, newsrooms, tech firms, politics—are being... [Read More]
Tina Brown is a legend in New York publishing. She was barely thirty years old when she was recruited from London to take over a... [Read More]
Jeffrey Toobin tells David Remnick that, despite the mounting indictments against members of Donald Trump's Presidential campaign, Trump is almost certainly safe from impeachment. Republican House... [Read More]
When OxyContin came on the market, in 1995, physicians were understandably wary of the addictive potential of a powerful new opioid. As Patrick Radden Keefe... [Read More]
David Remnick talks with a member of the group Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently, whose underground citizen journalists have documented life under ISIS rule. [Read More]
In 2010, the Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning, then known as Bradley Manning, sent nearly seven hundred and fifty thousand classified military and diplomatic documents... [Read More]
The Trump SoHo was supposed to be a splash for the Trump Organization and for Ivanka and Donald Trump, Jr., who were leading the project.... [Read More]
David Simon believes in the dignity of labor, "even when it's undignified." What "The Wire" (which he created) did for the drug trade in Baltimore,... [Read More]
In light of Donald Trump's rants about athletes and the national anthem, David Remnick writes about Muhammad Ali's protests of the Vietnam War. [Read More]
President Trump's assault on athletes, particularly prominent black ones, is is part of his larger culture war, David Remnick writes. [Read More]
Donald Trump mocked Kim Jong Un by calling him "rocket man," and threatened to "totally destroy" North Korea if the U.S. or its allies were... [Read More]
Hillary Clinton harbors no doubts, she tells David Remnick in a long interview, that political allies of Donald Trump astutely "guided" the release of hacked... [Read More]
She talks about Trump, Comey, collusion, "deplorables," and the power of sexism. [Read More]
When is speech no longer just speech? David Remnick looks at how leftist protests at Berkeley, right-wing violence in Charlottesville, and open-carry laws around the... [Read More]
We take for granted that popular entertainers can and should advocate for causes they believe in. But until Harry Belafonte pioneered that kind of activism... [Read More]
Nick Lowe made it big as a pioneer of what the English called "pub rock," and Americans usually call power-pop. Lowe had his biggest successes... [Read More]
John Ridley has been active in in film and television since the nineteen-nineties; he also has seven novels under his belt, as well as a... [Read More]
David Remnick interviews Mark Lilla about the role of identity politics in the liberal movement and the Democratic Party. [Read More]
Who could have predicted the President's latest outrage? Barack Obama and anyone, really. [Read More]