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Mr. Tunney seemed to be a rising star in the Democratic Party until a Senate re-election loss sent him into early political exile because of... [Read More]
Mr. Byrne helped lure professional sports teams to new Jersey and risked his political future by winning passage of the state's first income tax. [Read More]
Sentenced to the electric chair for killing a 15-year-old girl in New Jersey, Mr. Smith won his freedom with help from the conservative commentator. [Read More]
Parseghian took over a program that had been in decline for years, and led it to national titles in 1966 and 1973. [Read More]
Bill passage could require tax increase for El Paso County. [Read More]
Virgil Runnels, who was better known by his stage name Dusty "the American Dream" Rhodes, died after falling in his Orlando home... [Read More]
The Pontiff says all of God's creatures have a place in paradise. [Read More]
Ms. Collins, sister of the actress Joan Collins, had been battling breast cancer, her family said in a statement. [Read More]
Next in line to become president of the Mormon Church, Mr. Packer spoke for those in the church who resisted social change. [Read More]
Take that Floyd... [Read More]
Dickens couldn't have scripted it better... [Read More]
More than 8,500 people have died as a result of the back-to-back earthquakes... [Read More]
Think twice before allowing kids unlimited access to salty condiments... [Read More]
The suspect says he penetrated up to 20 flights during the past four years... [Read More]
Yepremian's ill-advised pass after a blocked field goal led to a Redskins touchdown in Super Bowl VII, but the Dolphins survived to cap a perfect... [Read More]
It's called a fatberg and it's terrifying... [Read More]
He blames a "smear campaign" ahead of elections next month... [Read More]
Did somebody say "national stereotypes"? [Read More]
Captain Jack is back... [Read More]
Hundreds of migrants have now fled the country to escape bloodshed... [Read More]