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Polish President Andrzej Duda went to the White House with a big ask of President Trump: a permanent U.S. military base on Polish soil —... [Read More]
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Hours after President Trump signed into law the annual defense policy bill, he — like his recent predecessors — issued a signing statement challenging the... [Read More]
The 2,500-page National Defense Authorization Act, which tells the Pentagon how to spend its budget, is headed to President Trump's desk for signature. A look... [Read More]
Back from his third trip to North Korea in as many months, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo sounded buoyant. "President Trump remains upbeat about... [Read More]
The return of possible American GI remains is a hopeful sign from North Korea but Pyongyang continues to produce material needed to produce nuclear weapons. [Read More]
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis prevailed on a number of policy decisions in the first year of the Trump administration, but his positions have been rejected... [Read More]
The U.S. and Russia still inspect each other's nuclear arsenals and have sharply curtailed the number of weapons poised to launch. That's thanks to two... [Read More]
The U.S. and Russia possess 92 percent of the earth's atomic arsenal. Both recently announced plans to build new nuclear weapons. How will the Trump-Putin... [Read More]
President Trump bitterly criticizes many NATO member countries for not spending more on defense and says they owe the U.S. "massive amounts of money." The... [Read More]
Secretary of State Pompeo leaves for Pyongyang Wednesday, his first trip there since the U.S. and North Korea signed a declaration stating Pyongyang would work... [Read More]
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President Trump called on the Department of Defense to create a new, sixth branch of the military, a "space force." However, only Congress can do... [Read More]
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A four-minute fake movie trailer created by the Trump administration for Kim Jong Un is decidedly odd; culture critic Glen Weldon asks National Security Correspondent... [Read More]
The Trump administration's choice of words to define the end of North Korea's nuclear weapons program has evolved. North Korea is likely to reject all... [Read More]
The Trump administration's terms for North Korea's denuclearization verge on the impossible, some former negotiators say: "There's no way of doing something that's irreversible, that... [Read More]
Nearly a quarter-century ago, the U.S. signed an agreement aimed at stalling North Korea's drive for nuclear weapons. That deal collapsed eight years later. [Read More]
President Trump says he wants North Korea to end its nuclear weapons program permanently. Those who've seen the program say denuclearization, if it happens, would... [Read More]