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A mass shooting with multiple reported fatalities took place while a Madden tournament was livestreamed on [Read More]
"The Odd Couple" creator grappled with what it meant to live in urban America—and defined the modern sitcom along the way. [Read More]
The Arizona Senator, dead at 81 after a battle with brain cancer, took unpopular stances when he felt he was right. [Read More]
When the internet went down, violence against refugees in Germany declined. [Read More]
Duncan Hunter faces what must be among the most absurd, personally embarrassing corruption charges of all time. [Read More]
In 1999, Lindsay Graham said impeachment "is about cleansing the office." [Read More]
The South Carolina senator had expansive views of impeachment's role when Bill Clinton was in the crosshairs. [Read More]
Some of crypto's core tenets are being twisted into something darker. [Read More]
The key patent for internet-connected sex toys has been owned for years by an alleged 'patent troll.'... [Read More]
Though possibly years from commercial use, the switch points towards a transformative future. [Read More]
But youth labor force participation remains historically low, complicating the good news. [Read More]
Evan Greebel will also have to pay restitution to Retrophin, Shkreli's biotech startup. [Read More]
Long-term Tesla shorts still have billions in losses, though. [Read More]
This year will be a particularly good showing for the Perseid shower, which peaks Aug. 12/... [Read More]
The giant is reportedly angling for approval of a censored Chinese search engine. [Read More]
Netflix spending is outpacing the company's plans - but is it what audiences really want? [Read More]
Richard Russell's family said his actions were a shock and that they were devastated. [Read More]
Conflicting reports last week had Bond producer Barbara Broccoli considering the actor, who posted a cryptic tweet early Sunday. [Read More]
The group, despite being coy about its views, has ties to the Unite the Right rally and other violent protests nationwide. [Read More]
The move to reduce potential conflicts suggests Facebook has real interest in blockchain and crypto. [Read More]