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Ohio Valley Wrestling has its first openly-gay heavyweight champion. [Read More]
We're nearing the end of Pride month, which means the straights are feeling fatigued and posing thought-provoking questions such as "when is straight pride?" and... [Read More]
We're plugged into queer circles, but often just that one circle. [Read More]
LGBTQ politics must be about all the things that affect all marginalized people. [Read More]
Not everything is about you, Kim Davis. Not everything is about you, evangelicals. Not every encounter with a gay person is a test concocted by... [Read More]
Queer fans were disappointed, beyond the usual "zero-representation" grievances, for two main reasons... [Read More]
Ark Park director Ken Ham declared last summer that Christians were taking back the rainbow… from the gay community, which had, of course, stolen it... [Read More]
The erasure of butch and androgynous women on television is so backwards that it gives me whiplash. [Read More]
Facts, common decency and intelligent discourse were all casualties of the 2016 election. We also said goodbye to the idea that credentialed experts should shape... [Read More]
It's time for Kentucky to give Kim Davis a permanent time out. Kim Davis, the Rowan County Clerk, has behaved very badly. The good news... [Read More]
It's raining men, America. Unfortunately, those men are sex offenders, and even Louisville is sustaining damage from this bad weather. As much as there are... [Read More]