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CVS announced Thursday new restrictions to curb the spiraling U.S. opioid epidemic, which was labeled as a national emergency by President Donald Trump's administration this summer. [Read More]
[hold for tech editor] CVS announced new steps, which include prescription limitations and educational tools, to combat opioid epidemic. [Read More]
Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook will hand over to Congress the 3,000 political ads from Russian accounts it found. [Read More]
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced Thursday afternoon his company will hand over to Congress 3,000 political ads that traced back to Russian accounts. Facebook previously... [Read More]
Apple revealed its latest iPhone lineup last week, which includes the iPhone X, and now information on possible features for future smartphones are coming in. [Read More]
Apple just revealed the iPhone X and iPhone 8, but rumors for future iPhone have already started. [Read More]
Midlife depression can derive from marriage problems, but a new study found a person's mother and siblings can trigger the same tension a spouse does.... [Read More]
New study shows marriage problems and spouses aren't the only factors that can lead to a midlife crisis. [Read More]
Apple revealed the much-awaited iPhone X last week and set a November release date for the device, but a recent investor's note obtained by... [Read More]
Analyst says iPhone X hasn't begun final production yet. [Read More]
There's another reason why furry pets are good companions: to reduce the risk of developing asthma, according to new research. The findings from an ongoing... [Read More]
New research shows exposure to pet, roach and mice allergens early in life could reduce the risk of developing asthma. [Read More]
It's been a week since the Apple Watch Series 3 was revealed, and reviews of the wearable device have poured in -- pointing out... [Read More]
Reviews for the Apple Watch Series 3 are in. Here are the two things that hold the device back. [Read More]
Money is needed to launch a tech company, and if the entrepreneurs are not in the U.S., they might want to look for help to... [Read More]
YL Ventures, a firm that invests and supports tech startups, tells International Business Times what they look for when choosing entrepreneurs. [Read More]
The recently released iOS 11 update opens up augmented reality experiences to millions of users. Apple CEO Tim Cook went on ABC's Good Morning America... [Read More]
iOS 11 brings augmented reality to iPhones and iPads. Here are some iOS 11 AR apps to check out. [Read More]
Apple released iOS 11 Tuesday, and with it came major changes to iPhones and iPads. The update comes with improvements to Siri, Apple Pay, Do... [Read More]
Apple released iOS 11 for iPads and iPhones. Here are new things that come with the update. [Read More]