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Foreign government hackers are continuing their assault on the personal email accounts used by lawmakers and congressional staff - and cybersecurity experts are warning that... [Read More]
But some lawmakers note it contains few specifics. [Read More]
Two years have passed since Russia's interference in the 2016 election came to light, but President Trump and his administration have still failed to offer... [Read More]
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A new bill would force DHS to open a bug bounty program. [Read More]
It's an encouraging snapshot ahead of the midterms. [Read More]
California is once again poised to take the lead on important new technology policy. [Read More]
California is once again poised to take the lead on important new technology policy. A bill to set cybersecurity standards for Web-connected devices - from... [Read More]
There's no easy way to rein in deepfakes through legislation. [Read More]
They're considering even harsher sanctions against Russia. [Read More]
A bipartisan group of senators are criticizing the State Department for failing to meet what they say are basic federal cybersecurity standards - even neglecting... [Read More]
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The U.S. government is going global in its anti-encryption push. [Read More]
The government has prevailed in every other case so far. [Read More]
The Secure Elections Act may still move. [Read More]
President Donald Trump again scrambled debate yesterday about foreign cyberthreats with his unfounded claim - refuted by his own FBI - that China hacked Hillary... [Read More]
The Department of Homeland Security wants utility companies to beware of nation-state hackers who seek to infiltrate the U.S. electrical grid. But a prominent cybersecurity... [Read More]
Here's why. [Read More]
They're taking Def Con research seriously. [Read More]
The court battle reportedly brewing between the FBI and Facebook could have a bigger impact on the average smartphone user's privacy than the bureau's legal... [Read More]