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We couldn't ask for a better set of games to determine a Super Bowl that will be tantalizing either way. We can have the geezers... [Read More]
Coach Jay Gruden and quarterback Alex Smith assured us that the unit is capable of more than intermediate strikes. They said the lack of downfield... [Read More]
Washington's offense showed little ambition and less aggression through the NFL's first two weeks. It was a dink-dink here and a dunk-dunk there, with a... [Read More]
Once again, the NFL has demonstrated its uncanny inability to find the sweet spot between extremes. On some of the most pressing issues the league... [Read More]
Play football and enter halftime with your team trailing, 28-6? Uh, no, that is NOT the time to announce you're done. [Read More]
Quitting is absolutely, positively the best course of action you can take in many instances. If you have a habit of sucking lit sticks... [Read More]
So, about last week ... Why oh why do we fall for the fake-out every single time? We're like Charlie Brown, believing we'll finally... [Read More]
There was a lot to like about Washington's season-opening victory Sunday against Arizona. The Cardinals were squashed and held scoreless for 54 minutes before... [Read More]
You never know what you might find on the NFL scrap heap. Perhaps a serviceable body for special teams. A solid reserve for situational rotations.... [Read More]
NFL football is back. You just have to dig through all the noise, clutter and distractions to find it ... if you still care.... [Read More]
The quarterbacks don't even have to be good — remember John Beck and Rex Grossman battling to be Washington's starter? They just have to play... [Read More]
This season opens like every other season and like no other, at the same time. [Read More]
Maybe it's time for Dallas to put Jerry Jones in the concussion protocol. [Read More]
Maybe it's time for Dallas to put Jerry Jones in the concussion protocol. The Cowboys owner could be suffering from a hidden head injury,... [Read More]
The tweet from Paul Hembekides of ESPN Research says everything you need to know about the NCAA's relationship with truth, justice and the American way:... [Read More]
My friend Shawn loves baseball. He knows baseball. He played in college and his brother works in the front office of a major-league team. ... [Read More]
We're getting closer to that day. It will be accompanied by a chorus of howls. Fans will decry the development and declare the situation... [Read More]
How does that happen in 2018 at a supposedly world-class university? Did the staff know the best practices and disregard them? Or were the best... [Read More]
The dictionary has a new picture next to the word "inexcusable." It's a turtle on its hind legs clutching a red 'M' to its... [Read More]
Maybe coach DJ Durkin's supporters are correct about the anonymous sources behind ESPN's shocking report on Maryland's football program. Maybe the current and former... [Read More]