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How does that happen in 2018 at a supposedly world-class university? Did the staff know the best practices and disregard them? Or were the best... [Read More]
The dictionary has a new picture next to the word "inexcusable." It's a turtle on its hind legs clutching a red 'M' to its... [Read More]
Maybe coach DJ Durkin's supporters are correct about the anonymous sources behind ESPN's shocking report on Maryland's football program. Maybe the current and former... [Read More]
To play or not to play. That was the question. Was it nobler for the Las Vegas Aces to suffer the effects of 25-plus... [Read More]
There's no room for old habits in a new day. The impulse to dismiss allegations of domestic abuse and sexual assault long has been... [Read More]
Athletes like Turner and Hader shouldn't wait until ancient social media posts are unearthed before declaring which side they're on. Instead being defined by old... [Read More]
The heart says don't give up on the Nationals' core. Resist the urge to be sellers as the MLB trade deadline approaches. If you must... [Read More]
Imagine if your wife asked a younger, sexier, better-looking version of you to move into the basement. That's how starting quarterback Joe Flacco probably... [Read More]
Did you hear the one about the Florida man playing music in his garage? Police responded to a noise complaint and killed him — shooting... [Read More]
Terrell Owens is one of the greatest NFL receivers ever, period. He's also one of the strangest NFL players ever, period. The latter... [Read More]
In case you wondered, Bryce Harper was favored to win the All-Star Home Run Derby at +225, according to sportsbooks monitored by Chicago Cubs... [Read More]
At least Damon Evans knew what he was getting into when he became Maryland's new athletic director. He was elevated to the permanent position a... [Read More]
Bryce Harper was bound to reach the All-Star Game in the home ballpark of the franchise that drafted him. He's one of the biggest names... [Read More]
Once again, it's time to check off some items on my "TIDU List" – Things I Don't Understand: *How other NBA teams can emulate... [Read More]
You can't say the NBA was hurting with LeBron James in Cleveland. Nearly every measure was up last season, including attendance, TV ratings, merchandise,... [Read More]
Imagine you're Doc Rivers arriving home Tuesday night. "Hi honey, how was work?" asks your wife, Kristen. "Fine," you say. "Nothing out of... [Read More]
The Capitals just treated us to a season like none they ever produced, creating a sense of expanded possibilities for Washington sports. We don't... [Read More]
A couple of months ago, the NFL unleashed an unprecedented amount of broadcast coverage for its annual draft, flooding the airwaves of ESPN, NFL Network,... [Read More]
LeBron James is not coming to D.C. LeBron James is not coming to D.C. LeBron James is not coming to D.C. Repeating... [Read More]
And on the 19th game, he rested. Juan Soto's first trip to Yankee Stadium marked the first time since May 21 that he wasn't... [Read More]