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Lawmakers and other officials have refused to comply with subpoenas since August. A Multnomah County judge said Monday that's not legal. [Read More]
The pair of Peter Courtney and Ginny Burdick has led the Senate caucus since 2015, but have seen recent rumblings of dissatisfaction. [Read More]
Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler had perhaps the worst week of his tenure. Is the problem this particular mayor or Portland's unique form of government? [Read More]
According to a complaint filed last week, officials with the group Our Oregon said they found the box of ballots after election night had passed. [Read More]
The two interns were harassed by former state Sen. Jeff Kruse. They've come forward publicly for the first time as part of an ongoing legal... [Read More]
A new class-action lawsuit is the latest attempt by foes of public employee unions to reduce their political influence. [Read More]
The leading candidates for governor have opposing views on whether Oregon's sanctuary law should be repealed. Here's why. [Read More]
A "goodbye party" for departing Republican Oregon lawmakers drew scrutiny because of the inclusion of disgraced former Sen. Jeff Kruse among the honorees. [Read More]
A new assessment says the city could have better handled a water crisis this summer, but it still did a lot right. [Read More]
In a lawsuit filed in April, the county argued that Oregon's marijuana laws violate federal law, and should be scotched. [Read More]
Since 2010, one Portland attorney has used public records requests to give his clients a glimpse of upcoming bills in the Oregon Legislature. But this... [Read More]
OPB news director Anna Griffin and political reporters Lauren Dake and Dirk VanderHart explore the tricky intersection of sports, celebrity and politics on this week's... [Read More]
Portland won't changing anti-camping policy, Local News, Portland local News, Breaking News alerts for Portland city. [Read More]
Portland officials say the city's controversial ordinance outlawing camping on public property isn't going anywhere. [Read More]
Algae isn't just causing swimmers' itch anymore; it's threatening water supplies. State regulations are starting to address it. [Read More]
A 35-page document filed Friday also seeks to rebuff claims that legislators allowed a culture of sexual harassment. [Read More]
Southwest Washington's teachers are on strike, and almost half of Oregon's sheriff's despise one of the country's oldest sanctuary laws. [Read More]
A group affiliated with the Republican Governors Association just dropped more than $300,000 on ads to help the Republican Oregon gubernatorial candidate — and says... [Read More]
The latest estimates show taxpayers could be getting $686 million back in "kicker" payments. [Read More]
Brown's opponent, state Rep. Knute Buehler, received the same amount from Nike co-founder Phil Knight last year. [Read More]