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Just four groups were responsible for the majority of terrorist deaths around the world last year. [Read More]
The Saudi government is struggling to attract investment into its economy while also proving unable (or unwilling) to stem the flow of money leaving the... [Read More]
Dubai-based Emirates has moved to quell fresh speculation that it is in talks to buy its struggling rival and near-neighbor Etihad Airways. [Read More]
Abu Dhabi, Doha and Dubai are the frontrunners in the competition to be the region's preeminent commercial hub... [Read More]
Countries that are restricting arms sales include Belgium, Canada, Finland Germany and Norway, as criticism mounts of the brutal Saudi campaign in Yemen... [Read More]
With new U.S. sanctions now starting to bite, Iran's airlines are being forced to return to old habits by patching up their ageing planes rather... [Read More]
The small, energy-rich country now ranks as the eighth most open in the world to visitors, according to the UN... [Read More]
Tehran says it is ready to help Qatar prepare for the 2022 World Cup, but any involvement by the Islamic Republic is only likely to... [Read More]
The Saudi government has denied it has shelved plans to sell a minority stake in oil giant Saudi Aramco, but doubts persist over whether the... [Read More]
Tehran has a track record of dubious launches of fighter aircraft which are not all they seem, including a stealth aircraft unveiled in 2013 which... [Read More]
The offer of financial aid for Turkey's beleaguered economy comes a year after Ankara sent troops to Qatar at a time when it feared a... [Read More]
Multi-billion dollar scheme mixing wind energy and blockchain computing criticized by activists campaigning for independence from Morocco... [Read More]
Caspian Sea convention signed by Azerbaijan, Iran Kazakhstan, Russia and Turkmenistan on August 12 hailed as a breakthrough by some, but some analysts doubt whether... [Read More]
A Russian business executive is languishing in a Kuwaiti jail and $496m is frozen in a bank account in Dubai. A US law firm has... [Read More]
President Hassan Rouhani warned North Korea's foreign minister that the U.S. is "untrustworthy and unreliable", during talks in Tehran. [Read More]
Tehran has called time on a policy which was clearly failing, with the rial hitting all-time lows against the U.S. dollar in recent weeks. [Read More]
Djibouti government dismisses finding by London Court of International Arbitration that DP World's contract to run Doraleh Container Terminal remains valid... [Read More]
One of the West's key allies in the Middle East has called on the U.S. and Europe to resolve their differences over Iran, days before... [Read More]
Attacks by Yemen's Houthi rebels on the economic interests of Saudi Arabia and the UAE appear to be increasing in number, with claims of several... [Read More]
The way Gulf diplomacy and politics is playing out these days, there are reasons to doubt whether the regional bloc has a future at all. [Read More]