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In a move that sharply escalates trade tensions with America's closest allies, the Trump administration said Thursday it would allow steep tariffs to take effect... [Read More]
Only a week ago, the drums of a trade war seemed to be quieting as the Trump administration put a hold on plans to tax... [Read More]
President Donald Trump's stunning change in stance toward a Chinese telecom-equipment maker that his administration recently sanctioned drew widespread rebuke Monday, even as it seemed... [Read More]
The tariffs have brought higher prices for many manufacturers and construction firms and considerable uncertainty for both importers and domestic manufacturers of steel and aluminum. [Read More]
Job growth slowed sharply in March from the pace of recent months as employers in most sectors took a breather in hiring. [Read More]
The Trump administration on Tuesday escalated the brewing trade war with China by releasing a long list of imports that could shortly be slapped with... [Read More]
President Donald Trump's final order to slap sweeping tariffs on imported steel and aluminum looks less like an effort to preserve national security and more... [Read More]
Brushing aside stern warnings from ally nations, U.S. companies and lawmakers in his own party, President Trump imposed substantial tariffs Thursday on steel and aluminum... [Read More]
President Donald Trump unveiled plans Thursday to slap hefty tariffs on global imports of steel and aluminum, catching much of his administration by surprise, sending... [Read More]
Wage gains so far have been very uneven, according to Labor Department statistics. They're concentrated at both ends of the pay scale — well-paid executives... [Read More]
Jorge Hunzelmann was pleased enough when his employer bumped up his pay this year by $2.50 an hour to $19.50. [Read More]
The Commerce Department has urged President Donald Trump to consider hefty tariffs and quotas to limit the import of steel and aluminum, after concluding that... [Read More]
If the GOP's $1.5-trillion tax-cut package powers the American economy like rocket fuel as President Donald Trump predicts, the new congressional budget deal could become... [Read More]
Wage gains unexpectedly accelerated last month to the fastest pace in more than eight years, signaling that average workers' pay may finally be breaking out... [Read More]
Federal Reserve monetary policymakers on Wednesday nudged up their key interest rate again and sharply increased their forecast for the economy's performance in 2018 as... [Read More]
The pass-through provisions may be the most complicated and fraught with uncertainties in terms of how they will play out and the potential cost to... [Read More]
Another month of strong job growth showed that the U.S. economy is lifting more workers left out of the recovery and heading into next year... [Read More]
Employers in the U.S. added 228,000 jobs last month and the nation's unemployment rate held steady at a 17-year low of 4.1 percent. [Read More]
WASHINGTON — By slashing the corporate tax rate, the Republican tax proposal could very well curtail the widely derided practice of companies moving headquarters to foreign... [Read More]
The Republican proposal also would fundamentally change the U.S. tax scheme to a so-called territorial system, in which foreign earnings would be exempt from U.S.... [Read More]