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QUESTION: I am a board director and was shocked to discover that the association's attorney and his firm represented our management company in a recent... [Read More]
QUESTION: I am dissatisfied with the performance of our board of directors and am considering running for a spot myself, but I'd like to know... [Read More]
QUESTION: After 29 years of renting, I finally saved enough for a down payment on a small condo. I really like a building in the... [Read More]
QUESTION: Over the years, the exterior of our HOA development, from the perimeter wall to the public curb, has deteriorated, looking dated and dilapidated. To... [Read More]
QUESTION: My parents purchased a five-bedroom home with a small two-car garage in an "exclusive" homeowner association, and I am beginning to think they made... [Read More]
QUESTION: I live in a three-bedroom, three-bath home with a homeowner association. I leased a single room to a friend and asked the HOA to... [Read More]
Question: Every year, the board automatically renews the association attorney's retainer agreement and deposit. Without reading it the directors sign and send him a check... [Read More]
QUESTION: My neighbor, who's a board member, recently handed me a copy of a solicitation letter from an HOA trade group given to him at... [Read More]
Question: Our bylaws require an election committee created by the board to supervise elections and create rules to ensure they are fair. That includes the... [Read More]
QUESTION: Our homeowners association board constantly discusses issues at meetings that are not on the agenda or not included in the notice of meeting distributed... [Read More]
Question: I've owned and lived in my very small Los Angeles condo complex for 16 years and am president of the association. Many of my... [Read More]
Question: I own a condo in Orange County that has a second-floor balcony. For two years I've complained to management and the board that my... [Read More]
Question: I've been the treasurer of our 30-unit self-managed condominium association for more than 20 years and until recently the handling of buyer and refinance... [Read More]
Question: I am a board director for a large association that is plagued with major plumbing leaks, bursting pipes and pressure regulation problems. About... [Read More]
QUESTION: Around eight years ago, the HOA filed a lien on my property because I fell behind on my association dues. After 11 months, I... [Read More]
QUESTION: We recently acquired a condo, but even with a 60-day escrow, we felt the purchase process was too fast. We wanted to take our... [Read More]
QUESTION: For two years I tried to get an electrical problem fixed in my condo. Though my emails were mostly ignored, I made a point... [Read More]
Each board is responsible for overseeing an election in good faith, but it is also up to titleholders to not tolerate any deviation from best... [Read More]
QUESTION: Our association has hired and fired so many management companies that we've lost count and, as a board director, I am exasperated with the... [Read More]
QUESTION: Our common-interest development is in the middle of a busy area in Los Angeles but still off the beaten path. It faces a public... [Read More]