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My husband, Randy, and I had to make an emergency trip to Indianapolis recently. I got a phone call that all mothers who live away... [Read More]
My recent trip to Indianapolis was really enjoyable for so many reasons.First of all, I got to see my brother, Gary, and his family, my... [Read More]
I recently took some time off and visited my family in Indianapolis.I got to stay with my sister, Sandy, who I miss terribly, and meet... [Read More]
Lately, I've been cleaning out closets and rearranging items trying to get the house more organized. Anyone who has ever attempted this knows what a... [Read More]
The holidays are now over and a new year has started. Randy and I had a wonderful Christmas this year as we got to meet... [Read More]
I learned the value of having a good household budget recently and what could have ended up a catastrophe was narrowly avoided by some excellent... [Read More]
Christmas is just around the corner, as my mom used to say. Time seems to fly by faster every year, and I can't help but... [Read More]
How fast this year is passing by. I can hardly believe our choir at St. Matthew's Episcopal Church in Houma is already practicing Advent and... [Read More]
Randy and I have recently returned from a trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama, where we spent a few days vacationing with our grandkids and other... [Read More]
The Terrebonne Fine Arts Guild here in Houma has turned out to be a wonderful place for me to meet other aspiring artists like myself... [Read More]
Fall is near, and this is the time of year I really miss my Hoosier home state. This is the time when Indiana really comes... [Read More]
My husband, Randy, and I were reminded once again last weekend of why we love living in Houma so much.Many of my readers know that... [Read More]
Recently I did something that I've never done before. I cleaned off tables at a restaurant while my husband and I were supposed to be... [Read More]
My husband and I recently had the cutest little beige and black box turtle make our backyard our new home.She -- I know she's a... [Read More]
School is out and summer has officially started. Randy and I are looking forward to seeing the grandchildren as soon as we can co-ordinate with... [Read More]
Recently, a large group of seniors from Shady Acres in Houma and surrounding senior centers chartered a bus to Baton Rouge for Senior Citizens Day.... [Read More]
It will be one year this month since we adopted our little chihuahua, Miss Irma La Pooch, from Hail Mary Animal Rescue here in Houma.In... [Read More]
Summer is off to a busy start for Randy and I this year. We just returned from a trip to Indianapolis to attend our latest... [Read More]
Summer is right around the corner, as my Mom used to say, and I have been busy getting the yard ready.Remember the pond my two... [Read More]
Mardi Gras! What a great time we had with my brother, Paul; wife, Berta; daughter, Michelle; and her son Elliott; who visited us from Arkansas.We... [Read More]