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A new series of NASA images showcase a dolphin-shaped cloud moving across Jupiter's southern belt. [Read More]
On Asteroid Day, leading scientists spoke in a NASA live broadcast on the procedures used to detect and handle near-Earth asteroids. [Read More]
Many people enjoy gazing at the night sky, and once in a while, something up there appears to look right back at us. [Read More]
A recent study of Jupiter's iconic Great Red Spot reveals that this gas giant may have water. [Read More]
In a new time-lapse video, the scorched earth from the 1988 wildfires in Yellowstone National Park is visible via NASA satellite imagery. [Read More]
With careful attention from an astronaut, a blood cell experiment may deliver improvements on cancer-fighting treatments. [Read More]
To learn how to build with moon dust, researchers are turning to volcanic powder here on Earth. [Read More]
The ethereal glow from the sun's corona is just one reason scientists and skywatchers are looking forward to the 2024 total solar eclipse. [Read More]
The nebula of a dying star has a "inside-out" appearance, scientists announced in a new study. And this may be the outcome that awaits our... [Read More]
Jupiter's clouds are fascinating for so many reasons: Their patterns resemble the mesmerizing lines of abstract art, they form storms that last over a century,... [Read More]
This summer, commercial crew astronauts tested out an emergency egress system that can safely zip-line up to 20 people off a launch tower to safety... [Read More]
Makers of all backgrounds can now learn how to create a Mars rover by working off of plans and instructions from the NASA Jet Propulsion... [Read More]
The special two-day release of "Cowboy Bebop: The Movie" in select theaters across the country brings the adventures of spacefaring bounty hunters — and a... [Read More]
Four delightful videos showcase NASA's ocean-watching PACE mission with moving mosaics, stop-motion animation and jazz. [Read More]
In a new video, NASA announces a small satellite's big milestone: It has produced the first map of ice clouds across the world. [Read More]
Lush regions like the Amazon rainforest help filter the air on Earth, and in a new video, NASA explains how its collaboration with Brazilian scientists... [Read More]
After more than 16 years of development, Europe's newest wind-monitoring satellite will finally launch next month. [Read More]
NASA engineers are one step closer to understanding the "crown" of the sun. [Read More]
Connect with the cosmos this summer. Here's where to see a rocket launch, visit a space shuttle, go to space camp or do some live... [Read More]
Nearly 100,000 high-resolution images of a comet, two asteroids, Earth and Mars are now all available to the public online. [Read More]