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The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) may have made traveling this holiday season more problematic. The agency is starting to phase in a new lineup of security measures,... [Read More]
TSA's new screening process could make traveling this holiday season more stressful. [Read More]
A Jack in the Box employee shared a video Saturday of a cup experiment that he conducted at work that seemingly alleges that the same amount... [Read More]
A Jack in the Box employee poured the same amount of liquid into three different-sized cups. [Read More]
Shopping for gifts during the holiday season can be stressful, and it can be challenging to navigate a gift list on a budget. Looking for... [Read More]
Holiday gift shopping can be done on a budget. [Read More]
Dashboard camera footage on Sunday captured a small plane as it crashed on a local road in central Florida, according to reports. Plane pilot Marc Allen... [Read More]
The plane made an emergency crash landing on a local road in central Florida. [Read More]
An Australian Catholic school came under fire for its "suggestive" statue of St. Martin de Porres feeding a young child a loaf of bread Tuesday... [Read More]
The statue of a saint feeding a child bread was not well received. [Read More]
A Turkish man was sentenced to six months in prison Monday following a disruptive incident in May on an American Airlines flight, according to reports. Anil Uskanli, 26, admitted... [Read More]
The disruptive passenger was sentenced to six months in prison and will have to pay more than $8,500. [Read More]
Teenagers that misuse prescription medications like opioids are likely more subjected to dating violence. [Read More]
Teenagers that misuse prescription medications are more likely to suffer from dating-related violence, new research published on Monday suggests. In a nationwide survey published in the journal Pediatrics,... [Read More]
Charlie Rose is under fire after multiple women accused him of sexual harassment. [Read More]
Journalist Charlie Rose addressed Tuesday the sexual misconduct allegations made against him by multiple women. A paparazzi asked Rose about his apparent "wrongdoings" as he walked in... [Read More]
Tom Brady told his social media followers on Tuesday to "be humble" while standing in front of a $150,000 luxury vehicle. The New England Patriots quarterback's Instagram sponsored post... [Read More]
Thanksgiving is an annual tradition that brings relatives together to celebrate the meaning of thanks over a hefty meal, but Friendsgiving adds a new spin to... [Read More]
Friendsgiving first emerged in written text in 2007. [Read More]
Michigan quarterback Brandon Peters was taken off the field on a medical cart after sustaining an injury Saturday in a loss to the No. 5... [Read More]