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Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. [Read More]
If I might say a word about the Albanian people: they're a grossly misunderstood bunch. Sure, their voices can quickly elevate to frightening decibels, but... [Read More]
When Reverend Mark Price announced that our CMA church had been robbed, I whispered to my brother Paul, "I was nowhere near a church last... [Read More]
The beauty of some song lyrics is trying to figure out what the heck they mean. [Read More]
It's been referred to as pot, weed and "wicky-wacky tobacccy." [Read More]
I've never made a bucket list per se, but often one goes a lifetime before trying something so satisfying, it's life-changing. [Read More]
Forgive this visit to the phony, hypocritical world of politics, but what in the Anita Hill is going on at Fox News? [Read More]
Call it a sad statement about my formative years, but my most valuable life lessons were learned in Pennsylvania bars in the 1970s. [Read More]
You probably noticed I had no column in this space two weeks ago. [Read More]
I'll reiterate how during momentarily lapses-of-focus, tragedy can strike. It happened to me the Sunday before Labor Day, and there's no way to put the... [Read More]
Once again I've rubbed elbows with greatness, though this time, "potential" is attached. [Read More]
Nine months after elections, a community still laments what could have been. [Read More]
"Always the bridesmaid, never the bride" is what I find myself saying in a wedding-filled summer. [Read More]
Humor-writing has been very good to me, but I'm taking a huge step outside the box and entering a new genre: children's books. [Read More]
Like a good musician wishing to please his audience, I often take requests. [Read More]
The common thread that binds separated old friends is inside humor … punch lines from favorite old movies, etc. [Read More]
"Do you, Cierra Schutzman, take Trey Blough to be your lawfully wedded husband?" [Read More]
Nan Shields, a high school hottie one grade my senior, requested via Facebook that I remove all my clothes and take a jog. [Read More]
In the blink of an eye … that's how fast it must have happened to Cujo when he inexplicably missed that slight curve near Chapman... [Read More]
I feel the need to dot a few Is, cross some Ts and put some little squiggly things on Qs from past column, inadvertent misinformation. [Read More]