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"Me and you and a dog named Boo; traveling and a-livin' off the land. Me and you and a dog named Boo; how I love... [Read More]
Hole No. 4 no longer has Doug Blough to kick around. The curse of the par-3, God-forsaken, rattlesnake-waitin', triple bogie-baitin' short drive into hell has... [Read More]
No question about it; I was in hell, all right. Why else would the homely thug be pouring hot sulfur on the head of the... [Read More]
It has been said, "Nick nack, paddy whack; give a dog a bone." [Read More]
Barely middle-aged, I don't pretend to speak for the elderly, but I trust Charlie "Clell" Wynn when he says "Gettin' old ain't for sissies." [Read More]
I had a friend was a big baseball player … back in high school. He could throw that fastball by you; make you look like... [Read More]
The skies were angry that day, my friends. [Read More]
So I'm driving the mile home from a local pub after a mere pittance of beer when at the end of 29th Street, I theoretically... [Read More]
You probably noticed the fellow in this space last week, while equally handsome, sounded nothing like me. [Read More]
Quoting Loudon Wainright from 1972, "Crossin' the highway late last night; he shoulda looked left and he shoulda looked right. He didn't see the station... [Read More]
You may already know the bittersweet, inspirational love story that brought my big brother (I'm the youngest, ya know), Paul, and Jane Miller together. Cancer... [Read More]
So I says to Cheney, "I'm a good friend of Al Simpson and I write newspaper columns. How would you like to have your picture... [Read More]
As it ith written, "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away." [Read More]
I came, I saw, I conquered. [Read More]
After two days in Billings – sadly to visit great friend Darrell Patti in St. Vincent ICU – it's clear I should never, ever move... [Read More]
As a successful beyond anyone's wildest dreams columnist, I'm also an avid reader. [Read More]
Growing up on the mean streets of Johnstown, a trip to watch my beloved Pittsburgh Pirates was a rare treat, limited to school field trips... [Read More]
Every town has one of those families with the tough brothers everyone respectfully fears. [Read More]
If I might say a word about bad cops; It's no different than other vocations. [Read More]
A young man approached me recently to ask, "Do you ever take requests?" [Read More]