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Source: courtesy of American Airlines Group Inc.American Airlines (NASDAQ: AAL) management seems very likely to reject the offer by Qatar Airways to buy 10% of... [Read More]
Speculation has arisen that Walmart will try to turn the tables and make a higher bid for the upscale food retailer Whole Foods than Amazon... [Read More]
The data on sales and product quality just keep getting worse for the Fiat brand. It is a wonder the parent company even keeps Fiat... [Read More]
Among the 33 brands measured in the J.D. Power 2017 U.S. Initial Quality Study, Volvo ranked 31st, a stinging rebuke for a company that is... [Read More]
According to AAA, travel over the July 4 holiday will hit an all-time record. The association said that 44.2 million Americans will travel more than... [Read More]
Source: ThinkstockCrude oil dropped below $45 for the first time since late 2016, which raises the possibility that countries which produce crude could begin to... [Read More]
Source: Volvo Cars GroupUber CEO Travis Kalanick was kicked out by several large shareholders, according to The New York Times. He responded with a note... [Read More]
Source: uber.comAfter several large shareholders demanded his resignation Travis Kalanick left Uber, the company he founded and of which he was CEO The New York... [Read More]
Teenagers are smoking and using e-cigarettes much less now than a year ago. The trend is a threat to the financial success of the tobacco... [Read More]
Source: Wikimedia CommonsThe former CEO, John Varley, and several other executives of Barclays was charged with fraud-related legal violations based on financing activity which included... [Read More]
Whole Foods shareholders have to approve the Amazon deal, and ultimately, if there is another offer, they may have the final decision. [Read More]
Source: The Boeing Co.Boeing (NYSE: BA) said it may build a new moderate sized plane to serve markets currently dominated by Airbus. The development of... [Read More]
Source: ThinkstockSome Chinese economists believe their country will catch the U.S. in total GDP within 37 years. Their calculation is based on an annual growth... [Read More]
Source: Thinkstocktronc (NASDAQ: TRNC), one of the largest newspaper chains in the U.S., plans to buy out several editorial employees at its flagship Los Angeles... [Read More]
While it is too early to say whether Amazon's effect on the entire retail sector will spread to the mammoth local grocery store business, there... [Read More]
Economic health is much more local than national. One proof of this is that unemployment is above 5% in several states, compared with the national... [Read More]
Source: uber.comThe Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) takeover of Whole Foods (NASDAQ: WFM) has rocked the grocery business and will have repercussions well beyond that.  Shares of... [Read More]
Source: courtesy of Warmer Bros. Entertainment Inc.DC Comics delivered another win for parent Time Warner (NYSE: TWX), as "Wonder Woman" pulled in $100 million at... [Read More]
Source: ThinkstockThe Chinese government has admitted what most experts on pollution and car emissions have known for years. One of the biggest sources of air... [Read More]
Source: ThinkstockOne group which has not enjoyed the drop of national unemployment to 4.3% is Black Americans. According to the May unemployment report, the jobless... [Read More]