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Vinton G. "Vint" Cerf is the man who helped craft the internet. But even decades after his creation moved from government research labs and into... [Read More]
Paul W. Hobby said the satellite-based Global Positioning System is vulnerable and attempt to back it up have stalled in the U.S. Congress. [Read More]
Yes, the iPhones XS, XS Max and XR look like last year's groundbreaking iPhone X. But choosing between them may be difficult, particularly if you... [Read More]
Want to bring back the most-visited sites tiles on Chrome's new-tab page? The recent redesign of Chrome took them away from you; here's how to... [Read More]
Quantum computing is hailed as the next great leap in processing power, but it's so complex that even researchers say they aren't sure how it... [Read More]
If rumors are correct, Apple's 2018 crop of iPhones won't have home buttons. If you want a brand new iPhone, you're going to have learn... [Read More]
PCMag has released a survey of the fastest free Wi-Fi to be found at national chains for coffee shops, fast-food joints, retail stores and big... [Read More]
Science fiction writer William Gibson famously declared in 2003 that "The future is already here - it's just not evenly distributed." But I can report... [Read More]
If there was ever a business ripe for disruption, it's home internet broadband. And if the promises surrounding the next generation of wireless access called... [Read More]
Speedtest, the popular app for checking the friskiness of a cellular or Wi-Fi internet connection, is on a lot of smartphones. That makes it perfect... [Read More]
Has Apple fixed the problem with MacBook Pro keys becoming unresponsive due to dust, dirt or crumbs getting inside the mechanism? The company says know,... [Read More]
As cars have gotten more high-tech - newer models come with built-in internet access and are used to control major features in the car, ranging... [Read More]
Being a chief executive officer isn't easy, and it's even harder to be one that draws mass adulation from a company's employees. [Read More]
Starting later this year and early next, the way you connect devices to Wi-Fi will get easier, yet be more secure, both at home and... [Read More]
Ookla, which makes the popular app for gauging Wi-Fi and cellular data speeds, gathered data on airports in the United States and Canada with... [Read More]'s annual Fastest Mobile Networks survey of cellular data service around the country is out for 2018. A staffer spent a day driving Houston and... [Read More]
For the ninth year in a row PC Magazine has published a survey of cellular data speeds in the biggest markets in the country, and... [Read More]
Steely Dan fans can follow the group's evolution in intricate detail in "Major Dudes: A Steely Dan Companion", a collection of reviews, essays and interviews... [Read More]
The makers of home network gear are starting to give older routers the ability to auto-update their firmware. But depending on when that update occurs,... [Read More]
The next version of macOS - 11.14, or Mojave - won't run on a lot of older Macs. Here's what you need to know. [Read More]