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We may finally have reached peak Trump. I don't mean that this is the worst thing he'll ever say or do, but it's just such... [Read More]
I won't have time to golf if elected, I'll be too busy working. Spends more time golfing than any president in history. I won't be... [Read More]
In an extraordinary and rare step, Robert Mueller put out a statement through a spokesman explicitly denying the accuracy of a Buzzfeed report that said... [Read More]
Right wing crackpot Jerome Corsi is still whining to anyone who will listen about being questioned by Mueller's investigators. In an interview with Eric Metaxas,... [Read More]
This could be a huge development in the Mueller investigation. Buzzfeed News is reporting that Mueller has documents and emails showing that Trump instructed his... [Read More]
Michael Cohen says Trump had him hire an IT guy from Liberty University to rig online polls for him before the first primaries took place... [Read More]
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi requested that President Trump postpone his State of the Union address until after the government shutdown is over. In retaliation, Trump... [Read More]
not a jury... [Read More]
At least eight times in the course of 12 days, Trump made graphic and lurid references to human traffickers tying women up and putting tape... [Read More]
This was a week ago when this story first broke, but I somehow missed it. In response to the story that he had gone to... [Read More]
Watching the excuses for Trump evolve over time is fascinating. He didn't do it. Okay, he did do it, but it's not illegal. We've seen... [Read More]
The House voted overwhelmingly to condemn white supremacy and Rep. Steve King, but he says that privately a lot of conservatives have expressed their support... [Read More]
Charlie Shamp, yet another self-declared "prophet," went on Jim Bakker's TV show and told a ridiculous story about God giving him a vision that Pete... [Read More]
Oklahoma just got rid of probably the second worst governor in America (LePage in Maine is hard to top) and the new governor is a... [Read More]
After saying in his prepared testimony for the Senate Judiciary Committee that it's very important that Robert Mueller's final report be released to both Congress... [Read More]
Sean Hannity is adopting a favorite tactic of the Q Anon crackpots, who are always predicting that something huge is about to happen....any minute now.... [Read More]
Boy is the Christian right freaking out about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Dave Kubal of Intercessors of America says she's at the center of a demonic presence... [Read More]
Jose Andres, one of the great chefs in the world and a real humanitarian, has opened a kitchen right near the White House to provide... [Read More]
Here's more video proof that Trump is lying when he says he never said Mexico would pay for the wall directly. During a primary debate... [Read More]
Some new developments for my old pal Jason Van Dyke, attorney for Gavin McInnes and the Proud Boys and a violence-threatening white supremacist who has... [Read More]