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You may recall that unhinged anti-gay bigot Scott Lively was sued in the United States by a Ugandan gay rights group a few years ago,... [Read More]
This is a hilarious video remix of Alex Jones obsessing over the ever-present They putting chemicals into the water that is turning the frogs gay... [Read More]
Omarosa has zero credibility, to say the least, but that doesn't mean she doesn't tell the truth when telling the truth serves her interests (she'll... [Read More]
The RAND Corporation has a lengthy and detailed new report on what it labels "truth decay," a phenomenon that has become the defining problem of... [Read More]
Trump's new Deputy Chief of Staff, Bill Shine, is the former president of Fox News. And as they did with Steve Bannon, Trump is waiving... [Read More]
Rep. Chris Collins, the first man in Congress to endorse Trump, withdrew his name from the race to retain his House seat in Western New... [Read More]
Virulently racist and anti-immigrant White House adviser Stephen Miller clearly has the ear of Trump, but his uncle just wrote an op-ed for Politico Magazine... [Read More]
Jerry Falwell, Jr. has obviously been learning the law from Liberty University Theocracy Law School. In a tweet other day he declared that AG Jeff... [Read More]
A rally by white supremacists and neo-Nazis at Lafayette Park, across the street from the aptly-named White House, had them outnumbered by a much larger... [Read More]
I don't know why those who find themselves targets of the Mueller investigation keep trying to get courts to throw out the charges on the... [Read More]
Rudy Giuliani seems intent on breaking his own boss's record of extraordinary dishonest and contradiction. After saying a few months ago that Trump didn't order... [Read More]
So last week Laura Ingraham went on a clearly racist rant about the evils of immigrants, then tried to pretend it wasn't racist at all... [Read More]
Now that Omarosa's book is out, Trump is attacking her on Twitter. He's right to say that she's a lying con artist, but of course... [Read More]
It's always amusing when conspiracy nuts settle on different conspiracies and start attack one another's ridiculous "theories" about the world. Rick Wiles, who is as... [Read More]
Those of us who love irony can't help but be amused by the group Bikers for Trump, who held a pro-Trump gathering outside the Bedminster... [Read More]
Okay, so the obvious answer to why his own advisers have to treat Donald Trump as a child is because he so often thinks and... [Read More]
Trump's economic cluelessness is again on stark display. To justify those huge tax cuts, he claimed that it would lead to a $4000 average increase... [Read More]
Add this to the long list of white people calling the police on black people who are doing nothing wrong, only even worse than previous... [Read More]
The charges against Paul Manafort have so far dealt only with financial crimes committed before he went to work for Trump, but one of the... [Read More]
Newly named Russian cultural ambassador to the United States Steven Seagal has again been accused of sexual assault and is under investigation for it by... [Read More]