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The sheer chutzpah of Donald Trump is truly astonishing. In the wake of his own followers threatening to murder journalists and the killing of a... [Read More]
As expected for the last few days, the Saudi government has chosen its fall guys, the ones who will take the blame for Mohammed bin... [Read More]
Deranged con artist Kat Kerr, self-declared "weather warrior" who has failed to prevent every natural disaster she "takes command of," spoke recently at the Gateway... [Read More]
Right Wing Watch has a long and detailed rundown of the rampant violence by the Proud Boys in only the short time they've been around.... [Read More]
One of the more amusing and ridiculous portions of Trump's interview with 60 minutes was when he was asked about chaos in the White House... [Read More]
On this episode of Culture Wars Radio, we talk about some new information on Brett Kavanaugh, about Trump's most recent lies and about the appalling... [Read More]
Trump has been all over TV for the last week, giving many interviews. Call it a lack-of-charm offensive. During a contentious interview with Lesley Stahl... [Read More]
Tucker Carlson now has Planned Parenthood in the sights of his idiotic rhetoric, attacking them twice recently in the most absurd of ways. First, he... [Read More]
The Arizona GOP, or at least one Republican candidate, are getting desperate. They tried one of the dumbest political dirty tricks ever and got caught... [Read More]
A new study from the Harvard School of Medicine says that 45,000 people die every year due to a lack of health insurance, and therefore... [Read More]
I thought I'd noticed most of Donald Trump's obvious rhetorical devices for lying and smearing people, but this one had escaped me. He has often... [Read More]
Since being shown the door at the White House, in body though not in spirit, Steve Bannon has launched a project to support and unite... [Read More]
While Trump and the Republicans try to convince people that there's a liberal mob that is intent on committing violence, his own followers and allies... [Read More]
Hurricane Michael came on shore as one of the five strongest storms in American history, even after Christian fraud Kat Kerr and her "weather warriors"... [Read More]
As expected, Donald Trump's reaction to the Saudi government's kidnapping or murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi has been as toothless as possible. While saying he... [Read More]
Firefighter turned "prophet" and con artist Mark Taylor believes two incredibly stupid things about the California wildfires. The first is that they were caused by... [Read More]
Kat Kerr, the Christian con artist who falsely claims she can pray away every natural disaster (despite every attempt failing badly), says that when Kavanaugh... [Read More]
Just before the 2016 presidential election, and a few other times since then, the story of a Trump organization server communicating with a server at... [Read More]
Just a reminder that you can still help launch the Secular Quemanism project to raise awareness of poverty, hunger and homelessness. We're just over halfway... [Read More]
My former colleague Spencer Ackerman has been pressing the Trump administration for evidence to back up statements by Trump and Pence about alleged Chinese election... [Read More]