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The wingnuts just get wingnuttier by the minute. Paul McGuire, the guy who said that Trump is now engaged in the greatest spiritual battle in... [Read More]
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And here's yet another story about how Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates sought influence over Donald Trump before and after he took office.... [Read More]
Florida Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz, an associate of Roger Stone who brought a Holocaust denier who raised money for the neo-Nazi site the Daily Stormer... [Read More]
Liz Crokin, a conspiracy crackpot who makes Alex Jones sound like the fountain of reason, pledged her undying allegiance to Donald Trump on her Twitter... [Read More]
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Jared Kushner's brother from another mother, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, has been waging a vicious campaign to seize control of that... [Read More]
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