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The president spoke less glowingly of his onetime supporter Ann Coulter and revived his "fake news" mantra in a reply to Jim Acosta of CNN. [Read More]
Comcast and the Walt Disney Co. have long been rivals. But Brian L. Roberts, who runs Comcast, has recently become the Magic Kingdom's nemesis in... [Read More]
The fight will be settled by an auction this weekend. We work out the possibilities. [Read More]
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What the revamped board has planned for CBS depends on how it views media mergers and what its relationship will be with its controlling shareholder,... [Read More]
Mr. Moonves had already been negotiating his departure before a report on Sunday detailed new sexual harassment allegations against him. [Read More]
Leslie Moonves stepped down Sunday night after new sexual harassment allegations against him surfaced. [Read More]
Bowing to pressure brought on by a sexual harassment scandal, CBS Corp. Chairman and CEO Leslie Moonves was expected to resign as soon as Monday,... [Read More]
Mr. Moonves, who is facing allegations of sexual harassment and a battle for control of the network, has been talking to the board of directors... [Read More]
Mr. Moonves took questions from Wall Street analysts after second-quarter earnings were released, but did not address claims against him that are being investigated. [Read More]
The once-plush company behind Vogue and The New Yorker lost $120 million last year, The New York Times reports. ... [Read More]
Anna Wintour is staying, but the once-plush company behind Vogue and The New Yorker lost $120 million last year. [Read More]
Leslie Moonves, the embattled chief executive of CBS Corp., survived the meeting. On Monday, three days after the publication of an article detailing allegations of... [Read More]
Days after The New Yorker detailed allegations of sexual harassment against Mr. Moonves, the company's directors took no immediate action. [Read More]
The CBS board of directors said Friday that it would investigate allegations of misconduct against the company's chief executive, Leslie Moonves, the subject of an... [Read More]
The company's board of directors said it would start an investigation after a report that a forthcoming New Yorker article would detail allegations of sexual... [Read More]
The votes brought to a close a six-month battle waged across two continents by Disney and Comcast for supremacy in the media business. [Read More]
The Sinclair Broadcast Group's plan to create a broadcasting behemoth that it hoped would rival Rupert Murdoch's Fox News appears to be coming to an... [Read More]
The cable giant continues its push for control of British satellite broadcaster Sky. [Read More]
The cable and broadband giant had been locked in a battle with the Walt Disney Company for the bulk of Rupert Murdoch's Fox empire. [Read More]