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Just three weeks after going public, the Swedish streaming service is set to update its mobile app. Will there also be new hardware?        ... [Read More]
A report says Verizon and AT&T are being investigated for possible collusion for making it more difficult for consumers to switch wireless carriers.       ... [Read More]
Apple's latest software update for the iPhone, iOS 11.3, lets you monitor your own health and the health of your phone's battery.        ... [Read More]
Apple launches new recycling and environmental initiatives in advance of Earth Day. Also new: Daisy, a "disassembly" robot.        ... [Read More]
Nintendo's cardboard gaming system for the Nintendo Switch lets a kid build a remote control car or robot. It's fun, a little educational--and pricey      ... [Read More]
Distracted driving is an epidemic. The iPhone feature baked into iOS 11 is meant to keep you focused on the road while at the wheel... [Read More]
iPhone distracted driving feature helps keep you safe        ... [Read More]
All four U.S. providers are trying to recruit military members and veterans. T-Mobile is trying to do so with its most aggressive pricing plan ever.... [Read More]