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The news speaks to optimism at the glossiest end of publishing even as numerous titles are struggling to get by... [Read More]
The former mayor is again considering a bid for the presidency, and spending $80m in midterm elections to flip the Republican-controlled House... [Read More]
Regulator reportedly investigating as pressure builds on Musk to show he has raised $70bn to take company private... [Read More]
Statement from board members suggests Musk's tweets – which prompted surge in price – were less spontaneous than imagined... [Read More]
Social media app continues to battle for relevance against rivals Facebook and Instagram... [Read More]
Membership increases by 27% but share price dips as revenue growth falls short of forecast... [Read More]
High temperatures and lack of rainfall, exacerbated by years of drought, are contributing factors – and climate change... [Read More]
Trump tweeted in the morning in apparent reaction to a CNN report: 'Fake News reporting, a complete fabrication'... [Read More]
Company shrugs off lacklustre opening trading as stocks surged 33% above its IPO price in its market debut... [Read More]
Leslie Moonves evades questions about claims by focusing on financial results... [Read More]
The gain, below the 190,000 anticipated, was the lowest since March, as the unemployment rate dropped to 3.9%... [Read More]
Tech giant reported a $11.5bn profit, up 32% from the same period last year, and sales increased 17% to $53.3bn, a new record... [Read More]
L Brands Inc reported an unexpected drop in June as consumers move on to more conventional brands like American Eagle's Aerie... [Read More]
President indicates readiness to slap tariffs on the entirety of Chinese goods, saying it is 'the right thing to do for our country'... [Read More]