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"We stand with you," Vice President Mike Pence wrote on Twitter a day before planned mass protests. [Read More]
Washington Chinese officials have summoned the U.S. ambassador in Beijing to denounce the United States for imposing economic sanctions this past week on a Chinese... [Read More]
Chinese officials summoned the United States ambassador in Beijing to denounce the sanctions that Washington announced this week. [Read More]
The Trump administration insists on Geneva-based peace talks as Russia and Turkey promote a truce in Syria. And it wants to keep U.S. troops in... [Read More]
An American aid agency is blocking Palestinian access to $10 million intended for peace programs with Israelis because of President Trump's policy. [Read More]
In a letter to Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, members of Congress argued that Chinese security forces might use certain technologies for overbearing surveillance and other... [Read More]
China News: The economic penalties would be one of the first times the Trump administration has taken action against China because of human rights violations.... [Read More]
The economic penalties would be one of the first times the Trump administration has taken action against China on human rights violations. [Read More]
Follow the StarTribune for the news, photos and videos from the Twin Cities and beyond. [Read More]
The State Department said the diplomats were returning to Washington to discuss moves by three Latin American nations to recognize China. [Read More]
Bloomberg L.P.'s Chinese partner cited scheduling conflicts for the event's move to Singapore, but organizers had previously said that fallout from the trade war forced... [Read More]
Donald Trump's own Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had argued against the drastic funding cut at a meeting this month. But son-in-law Jarred Kushner prevailed. [Read More]
The drastic aid cut, urged by President Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, changes another pillar of U.S. policy in Israel. [Read More]
Organizers are moving the event to Singapore after a Chinese partner for the conference, planned by Michael R. Bloomberg, requested that it be postponed. [Read More]
The statement by Defense Secretary Jim Mattis was yet another sign that the diplomatic thaw between Washington and Pyongyang is coming to an end. [Read More]
Belligerent articles alleged "extremely provocative and dangerous" American military moves after the United States canceled a trip by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. [Read More]
North Korean officials urged President Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to push aside hard-liners and move ahead with diplomacy. [Read More]
The Trump administration wants North Korea to first halt its nuclear weapons program. [Read More]
Both North Korea and South Korea want to start the process toward a peace treaty in the decades-long war, but Washington is standing in the... [Read More]
Chen Shi-Zheng, who has staged opera and theater work around the world, has not presented a public piece in his native China since 1996. He... [Read More]