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Wildfires have limited access to areas in several major parks in recent days, including Yosemite. Here is where things stand now. [Read More]
Indian River in northern Michigan, which bisects a town of the same name, is normally a placid, no-wake zone lined in tidy cottages and plied... [Read More]
Despite complaints, risks, rules not changing. [Read More]
The response comes despite consumer complaints about comfort and questions about safety. [Read More]
If you'd rather save money and stay in a bed-and-breakfast or Airbnb, but don't want to give up amenities like room service, a fitness center... [Read More]
"What LGBT travelers appreciate is being recognized as humans, not just as a target marketed to with a special rate or two for one cocktail... [Read More]
This year, the travel packages and programs targeting the L.G.B.T. community are increasingly more introspective, philanthropic and activist. [Read More]
The birthplace of the civil rights movement has been revitalized by new investment into abandoned buildings and nearby neighbourhoods... [Read More]
The author Alastair Bonnett explains why people are drawn to places that offer solitude and surprise. [Read More]
It was only 6 p.m. on a Friday when I arrived in Cincinnati and found myself engulfed in a procession of monks on Segways, goats... [Read More]
In Alabama's capital you'll find deep-fried bacon, stylish bars and revitalized neighborhoods. But the city's real draw is its museums and other sites that focus... [Read More]
A new travel company wants to take you to your next outdoor adventure in a tour bus packed with resort-style comforts and rock star amenities. [Read More]
Visit the National Civil Rights Museum, tour a recording studio and find some great local eats and microbrews. [Read More]
Families have long been a bread-and-­butter market for the major cruise lines. But increasingly even niche players like river operators and expedition lines are angling... [Read More]
History museums, attractions and destinations around the country are emphasizing the civil rights story in an age of renewed activism around race and equality. [Read More]
The New Zealand city's sophistication shines in its expanding art scene, thriving fashion industry and a new generation of chefs embracing native ingredients. [Read More]
Last fall, Kelly Hepburn, a real estate broker in Denver, thought about traveling to the Virgin Islands, but then hurricanes Irma and Maria blew in.... [Read More]
How travelers can help hurricane-damaged islands... [Read More]
Lobbies and rooftop bars are popular with people who don't book rooms. So properties are creating spaces like libraries that are open only to guests. [Read More]
A new bike share program, museums, music and, yes, barbecue, await visitors. Of special interest this spring: the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the... [Read More]