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Spice, a synthetic substance that mimics cannabis, has been hitting the headlines over the past few years. It used to be a legal high until... [Read More]
Unconsummated relationships, where couples don't have sex due to difficulties, trauma or sexual dysfunction are not often spoken about. Usually, the couple feel embarrassed to... [Read More]
Not while my community are ignored, heckled and accused of 'smearing' the leader. Not while anti Semitism in the party is trivialised and running rife. [Read More]
From starting an exercise plan to enlisting a relative's help... [Read More]
I am the child of a father with bipolar disorder. I was diagnosed with the same condition aged 16 in 2004 - this was only... [Read More]
When most of us think of stealing, we think of someone stealing things for financial gain. But when it comes to kleptomania this could not... [Read More]
My Jewish grandfather survived the Holocaust in Germany. This is his remarkable story. [Read More]
The homelessness reduction act is a step in the right direction... [Read More]
Growing up in the UK Jewish community, we didn't have much education about mental illness. Luckily this has changed and the community is now leading... [Read More]
It requires understanding and patience, but a friend's support can be invaluable... [Read More]
As Iceland proposes banning non-medical circumcision in babies and young boys, we look at the arguments around the issue. [Read More]
TV and film makers should seek expert advice... [Read More]
Mental health in young children came to the forefront of the news agenda when the Duchess of Cambridge announced the Mentally Healthy Schools programme in association... [Read More]
Many mental illness medications have weight gain side-effects that are almost impossible to control. [Read More]