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Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is expected christen the new U.S. Embassy in London instead of Trump... [Read More]
President Trump's long-delayed state visit was scheduled for next month, when he was expected to formally open a new $1 billion U.S. Embassy... [Read More]
Trump's "inflammatory rhetoric has put the United States on a collision course with North Korea," they wrote... [Read More]
In an open letter to Congress, 17 former nuclear launch offers warned President Trump's nuclear authority is "a clear and present danger." [Read More]
Facebook is making significant changes to its News Feed ordering, meaning users will see more posts from friends and fewer from brands. [Read More]
The 10 Rohingya were found in a mass grave last month, prompting an internal inquiry... [Read More]
In a rare admission of guilt, Myanmar's military found its soldiers were responsible for the deaths of 10 Rohingya found in a mass grave. [Read More]
Bats are falling out of the trees due to a heatwave in Australia, with 100,000 flying foxes estimated to have died over the weekend. [Read More]
Myanmar prosecutors sought charges against two Reuters journalists, who face 14 years in prison over breaching the state secrets act. [Read More]
Hackers attempted to target organizations involved in the 2018 Winter Olympics, according to cybersecurity firm McAfee... [Read More]
Trump recently suggested he would be open to talks with Pyongyang... [Read More]
U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley downplayed President Donald Trump's remarks that he was willing to talk with North Korea... [Read More]
Donald Trump denied that he had granted White House access to Michael Wolff, whose book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, made waves... [Read More]
Donald Trump tweeted that Michael Wolff's forthcoming book was "full of lies, misrepresentation, and sources that don't exist" [Read More]
Tibetan ethnic language advocate Tashi Wangchuk faced trial in China for "inciting separatism" over a 2015 New York Times documentary. [Read More]
"Legal action is imminent," a statement from Trump's lawyers reportedly said... [Read More]
Trump's lawyers have reportedly served Steve Bannon a cease and desist letter, threatening legal damages. [Read More]
A South Korean animals rights group is calling for a ban on selling and eating dog meat ahead of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics next month. [Read More]
A man charged with calling in a bomb threat to Mumbai airport said he was actually asking for the status of his flight to Delhi. [Read More]
President Donald Trump warned North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in a tweet that the U.S. also has a nuclear button and hinted at using... [Read More]