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The Autism Council of Rochester hosted a free autism safety training for local police officers and first responders. [Read More]
"It's a game plan for 3 months, it's a game plan for 6 months," said Erin Mozisek. [Read More]
"It's a surprise to me, it's unfortunate," said Sharrief Rawyal. [Read More]
Patty Pierson-Simon says it feels like yesterday when her younger brother died in the line of duty back in 2014. [Read More]
"I was a little nervous. It was painful," said Chuck Heinzman. [Read More]
Local home builders say the shortage of workers is getting larger and larger. People looking to build new homes along with homeowners trying to remodel... [Read More]
We are learning more about the history of the woman accused of shooting and killing Megan Dix. [Read More]
It was a disturbing moment caught on camera. The woman accused of shooting and killing, 33-year-old Megan Dix on Friday, interrupted a lecture at the... [Read More]
"What a heinous crime. It could've been anybody like they said," said Don Duncanson. [Read More]
25-year-old Mark Bianchi Jr, also know as Markie, was born with Autism. But in March of 2016, he was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lymphoma, an... [Read More]
It's been a rough few months for Larry Monheim who has a waterfront home in Sodus Point. He and his wife have lived there for... [Read More]
It wasn't long ago when 14-year-old, Michael Lynch, was struck by a car on Cooper Road near Irondequoit High School back in March. It's still... [Read More]
For Nick Foti who will be a Junior at the University of Rochester this fall, back to college shopping can be a hassle. [Read More]
"I just took everything off and dove in," said Phil Orzech. [Read More]
"It's been one after another, after another," said Mike Woods, Rochester resident. [Read More]
Brenda Enos lives down the street from what she calls a 17-story eye-sore of a building. [Read More]