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They also hope to generate focus on their legislative priorities, including civil rights and access to economic opportunities. [Read More]
Environmentalists said the move to 100 percent renewable energy by 2050 will reduce air pollution, create jobs and improve public health. [Read More]
Advocates are asking for a $5 million increase in the budget for state-funded Civil Legal Aid. [Read More]
The Boys and Girls Club is giving young people a place to achieve academic success, play sports and develop leadership skills. [Read More]
Eastern Massachusetts are expecting up to two feet of snow, with up to three inches falling per hour. [Read More]
The Department of Transportation deployed more than 3,000 snow crews to clear and treat state roads covered in snow and slush. [Read More]
Sexual harassment in the workplace is illegal but instances often never get reported and some offenders escape detection through confidentia…... [Read More]
After implementing the system, Oregon to added over 230,000 new voters to the rolls within six months. [Read More]
Advocates for people with developmental disabilities are urging the state to invest more in supporting families. [Read More]
Deval Patrick says a potential run for the presidency in 2020 is "on my radar screen." [Read More]
Massachusetts is preparing for the rollout of the recreational marijuana industry. [Read More]
Some lawmakers and advocates believe supervised injection sites could help save lives as the state battles the opioid addiction crisis. [Read More]
Student debt is rising in Massachusetts, but state funding is falling. Students want the state to provide them with some financial relief. [Read More]
The bill prohibits colleges and universities from requiring students to disclose usernames and passwords to their personal social media acco…... [Read More]
Springfield and Northampton are some of the communities that would benefit from the passage of an infrastructure improvement bill. [Read More]
Staff are reluctant to report harassment for fear of retaliation, according to a new report reviewing current sexual harassment policies. [Read More]
22News spoke to the Governor about why he is opposed a bill currently stuck in the committee process. [Read More]
Advocates are urging the state to put more funding into getting more students in the programs and building new schools. [Read More]
That bill would require insurance carriers to share confidential information with the patient only. [Read More]
Massachusetts Catholic bishops are urging lawmakers to pass several policies related to criminal justice reform. [Read More]