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"She is not there to simply follow the dictates of any other branch." [Read More]
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McConnell criticized Democrats for revealing Kavanaugh accusations in an "irregular manner." [Read More]
Collins just called on Kavanaugh and Ford to testify in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee. A key Republican senator whose vote could derail Judge... [Read More]
"This is a perennial problem." [Read More]
There are just six women governors in the US. Twelve women are nominees for governor in 2018. Molly Kelly's victory in New Hampshire's Democratic primary... [Read More]
New Hampshire voters are picking nominees in the Democratic primary for governor on Tuesday, as well as choosing candidates in an open House race in... [Read More]
Forget the bagel controversy; Cynthia Nixon wants to talk about Medicare-for-all. [Read More]
"I'm hoping that it's the first or second bill this fall. It's just that important." [Read More]
Granite State voters are headed to the polls on September 11. [Read More]
Delaware is the place of the latest showdown between the Democratic establishment and the left — this time over a US Senate seat. Three-term... [Read More]
Ayanna Pressley and other women candidates pulled out important wins. Ayanna Pressley's win in Massachusetts' Seventh Congressional District on Tuesday night was another resounding win... [Read More]
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a liberal area encompassing parts of Boston and Cambridge... [Read More]
Massachusetts voters head to the polls on Tuesday to choose nominees in races for US Senate, governor, and four key House primaries. Progressive Sen. Elizabeth... [Read More]