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Pentagon officials on Thursday said the military had not "in any way" changed its posture on the Korean peninsula after President Trump ... [Read More]
The House on Thursday effortlessly passed its $717 billion defense policy bill for fiscal 2019, with more than 100 Democrats backing the measure alongside Republicans.The Ho... [Read More]
An Air Force T-38C Talon II jet trainer crashed Wednesday morning in Mississippi, with both pilots safely ejecting, the service has confirmed.The jet crashed at about ... [Read More]
Sen. ... [Read More]
Happy Tuesday and welcome to Overnight Defense. I'm Ellen Mitchell, and here's your nightly guide to the latest developments at the Pentagon, on Capitol Hill and beyond.THE... [Read More]
The Pentagon is tightening some of its policies on the use of mobile devices in the Pentagon, but will continue to allow cellphones to be brought... [Read More]
The Pentagon will name Lt. Gen. Austin "Scott" Miller as the next commander of U.S.-led forces in Afghanistan, the ninth U.S. general to lead in... [Read More]
The Pentagon on Monday hinted at a more aggressive approach toward Iran following Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's threats to "crush" the nation with economic sanctions.... [Read More]
The Senate Armed Services Committee will move forward with its annual defense authorization bill with Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) undergoing treatment to battle brain can... [Read More]