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On Thursday, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un responded to President Trump's United Nations address in the pair's escalating nuclear rhetoric, saying in ... [Read More]
A powerful earthquake rattled Mexico City Tuesday afternoon killing dozens and causing buildings to collapse and roads to split. The epicenter of the 7 ... [Read More]
There are many potential vulnerabilities in President Trump's legal defense in the multipronged investigation into his Russian ties—Jared Kushner, Dona ... [Read More]
Former Fox political commentator Scottie Nell Hughes sued the network Monday alleging that she was raped by Fox Business host Charles Payne and then fa... [Read More]
Donald Trump announced he will travel to Alabama next weekend to stump for Sen. Luther Strange as he tries to retain Attorney General Jeff Sessions'... [Read More]
The credit reporting agency Equifax announced a data breach Thursday that began in May and exposed the sensitive data—including the Social Security num ... [Read More]
The damage inflicted by Hurricane Harvey and the harm looming in the Caribbean from Hurricane Irma prompted the Department of Homeland Security to canc ... [Read More]
The historic 185-mile per hour winds of Hurricane Irma have inflicted serious damage in the eastern Caribbean as the storm makes its way northwest, wit... [Read More]
The winds of Hurricane Irma grew stronger on Tuesday, reaching 185 miles per hour and making it the strongest storm ever recorded in the Atlantic... [Read More]
President Trump has shown essentially no real interest in providing Americans health care and has so far been unable to wrangle a Republican congress, ... [Read More]
A federal judge issued a temporary block Wednesday on a Texas law set to go into effect Friday that would impose a ban on so-called... [Read More]
Adding another menacing layer to the ongoing danger wrought by Hurricane Harvey, an industrial chemical manufacturer on the outskirts of Houston warned ... [Read More]
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis announced Tuesday the Pentagon will not carry out President Trump's directive to ban transgender soldiers from serving in ... [Read More]
Just before 6 a.m. local time Tuesday morning, North Korea launched a ballistic missile eastward over Japan and into the Pacific Ocean. The latest miss... [Read More]
One of President Trump's favorite things is to tease private correspondence in public as a form of veiled threat or to sow doubt about whatever... [Read More]
Nearly a month after President Trump woke up on a Wednesday morning and announced via Twitter that he was instituting a ban on transgender individuals... [Read More]
The national terrain Donald Trump is tiptoeing around on Tuesday night in Phoenix, during his first high-profile appearance since going on vacation and ... [Read More]
Donald Trump somehow managed to upstage himself in ridiculousness Tuesday night in Phoenix. The president of the United States came out to what appeare ... [Read More]
The Secret Service is facing a funding crunch and, as of September, will not be able to pay the required overtime for as many as... [Read More]
In a bizarre twist in the master narrative that Steve Bannon is somehow the White House puppet master, he called up the editor of the... [Read More]