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Members of the WKU faculty and staff are continuing efforts to address the administration following events that took place during the Fall 2018 semester.In December... [Read More]
Due to outbreaks of mold across campus and the closing of Minton Hall for an additional semester, the process of responding to maintenance requests will... [Read More]
In the first University Senate meeting of 2019, Faculty Regent Claus Ernst presented a report to the Senate about a postsecondary education symposium he attended... [Read More]
Faculty and staff representing different areas of WKU who were chosen to serve on the university-wide comprehensive academic program evaluation (CAPE) committee were announced Wednesday. [Read More]
The WKU University Senate held its monthly meeting Thursday afternoon to discuss potentially later class times, additions to the Colonnade connections courses and student voting. [Read More]
A grant application to revitalize Bowling Green's riverfront area was passed unanimously on Sept. 4 at the city commission meeting. [Read More]
In an effort to prioritize other university brands and to promote brand consistency, WKU is in the process of removing white squirrel images from different... [Read More]
Over the summer President Timothy Caboni visited 31 different Kentucky counties, met with educators, county officials and local business owners to improve recruitment and retention. [Read More]
A grant application to revitalize Bowling Green's riverfront area was approved Tuesday at the City Commission meeting. [Read More]
WKU's Confucius Institute and Chinese Flagship program will not be affected by a bill signed by President Donald Trump earlier in August involving Confucius Institutes.... [Read More]
An accident outside of the Registry Apartments resulted in two minor injuries and a fire early Wednesday night. [Read More]
The University Senate welcomed new provost Terry Ballman during its first meeting of the 2018-2019 school year. [Read More]
President Timothy Caboni has released the budget stabilization plan, which will eliminate 10 filled staff positions and 20 currently vacant positions, cutting an estimated $14... [Read More]
The WKU Strategic Planning Committee held an open form today to present a draft of the Strategic Plan. [Read More]
A potential budget model for WKU was presented at the Board of Regents meeting today. [Read More]
Two WKU students have been awarded highly selective fellowships. [Read More]
A new center focused on retention, graduation and overall student success held its grand opening Monday. [Read More]
Following recommendations from the Budget Council, WKU's regional campuses will change to a shared service central model under the Division of Extended Learning and Outreach... [Read More]
Attorneys representing both the College Heights Herald and WKU will appear in court Friday, April 6, to present oral arguments concerning the ongoing lawsuit between... [Read More]
Hundreds of people from counties around Kentucky gathered in Frankfort on Monday to protest the recently passed Senate Bill 151, a water sewage bill that... [Read More]