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After more than eight months on the market, Grey Gardens -- the Hamptons estate made famous in a 1975 documentary about its eccentric inhabitants, known... [Read More]
Try to keep this one straight: Morgan Freeman recently played the chief justice of the United States on "Madam Secretary," a CBS show about a... [Read More]
Despite its second-banana status, the residence of the vice president, a Queen Anne-style home on the grounds of the Naval Observatory in Northwest Washington, has... [Read More]
Celebrity chef and television host Anthony Bourdain late Wednesday blasted Hillary Clinton's response to the scandal engulfing her longtime donor, producer Harvey Weinstein, who has... [Read More]
"I came to stomp," he rapped at the BET awards. [Read More]
Tell us how you really feel, Eminem. The Detroit-born rapper unleashed a torrent of criticism at President Donald Trump in a new rap he... [Read More]
Things are getting a little "Real Housewives" around the White House. [Read More]
Things are getting a little "Real Housewives" around the White House. In one of the stranger sideshows to his presidency, President Donald Trump's first... [Read More]
Things are getting a little... [Read More]
Melania Trump's spokesperson dismisses remarks by the president's first wife as 'attention seeking' by someone who just wants to sell books. [Read More]
Ivana Trump says she's the "first lady." Melania Trump's office responds. [Read More]
When Ivana goes low, Melania goes...high? [Read More]
The political offspring and former Fox News co-host joined the midmorning talkathon Monday. [Read More]
The film producer's once coveted political donations have turned toxic. [Read More]
The president's first wife is far too busy being fabulous to take a diplomatic post. [Read More]
For an aggrieved minority, the authors and fans celebrating the 70th anniversary of conservative publishing house Regnery on a posh rooftop party space Wednesday night... [Read More]
"We eloped and we've never been happier." [Read More]
an issue he has made his post-gubernatorial cause celebre. He was among the speakers at a rally sponsored by Common Cause, Represent.Us, and the Center... [Read More]
Ruth Bader Ginsburg's trainer has a book coming out detailing the fitness regime that keeps the 84-year-old a thorn in the side of conservatives. [Read More]
Philanthropist Bunny Mellon, who wrote checks to John Edwards that he used to hush his affair, called Clinton "the old rag" and "the elf" after... [Read More]