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A Texas grand jury issued an indictment alleging he tampered with evidence. [Read More]
Expanding FOIA? Shutting down Line 5? We got the quickest answers possible. [Read More]
When Gretchen Whitmer and Bill Schuette met on the debate stage, they didn't have kind words for one another. [Read More]
He plans to attract business to the state. [Read More]
She touted a plan for free community college. [Read More]
Candidates are catering to pocketbooks with some campaign platforms. [Read More]
He endorsed her primary opponent, but will support Whitmer at an upcoming event. [Read More]
Democrats, a minority in both legislative chambers, are looking for gains in November. [Read More]
The chief assistant prosecutor says the office never got the report or declined to prosecute. [Read More]
Each says the other is wrong about how the case's prosecution began. [Read More]
His proposal will pay 5,000 teens and young adults not to have kids until age 23. [Read More]
A new group of Republicans and Independents has formed to support her. [Read More]
The Libertarian Party got a big bump in 2016, and Bill Gelineau is looking to tap into that momentum. [Read More]
He's counting on $250 million savings from prevailing wage repeal, but most of that doesn't go to the state. [Read More]
She plans to seek "user fee" increases. [Read More]
The will take place Oct. 12 and Oct. 24. [Read More]
His administration has led 29 missions internationally. [Read More]
The new law extending the time people have to file civil suits is only retroactive back to Dec. 31, 1996. [Read More]
The law passed, but the state needs a federal waiver. [Read More]
Each has around $1.5 million in cash on hand. [Read More]
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