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It's the latest example of the rising problem of right-wing terrorism and white nationalism in America. [Read More]
It's the same amount Jeff Bezos paid for the paper in 2013. [Read More]
"Face it, you don't find too many socialists in elected office in this country." [Read More]
Trump predicted he'd get a court battle in the Ninth Circuit. He was right. [Read More]
There's no major emergency at the border. Trump is declaring one anyway. [Read More]
The former Massachusetts governor is the first Republican challenger to Trump's reelection bid. [Read More]
According to the New Yorker, GOP staffers found out about Deborah Ramirez's allegations last week. The New Yorker on Sunday published a story on a... [Read More]
It's either a massive self-own or a racist dog whistle. [Read More]
Six of Rep. Paul Gosar's brothers and sisters are featured in ads for his opponent, David Brill. [Read More]
Multiple polls show that voters are souring on Trump's Supreme Court nominee. [Read More]
The Iranian government is blaming Arab separatists and the United States. At least 25 people were killed and 60 others wounded in Iran after militants... [Read More]
Despite the federal investigation, tweets, and cash problems, "there's an Elon Musk premium in the stock." [Read More]
The Fox News host thinks the New York Times' story on Rod Rosenstein is part of a "deep state" maneuver to set up Trump. [Read More]
The pot company's stock has only been public since July. And it's making many people — including Peter Thiel — very rich. Canadian cannabis producer... [Read More]
In 2016, the banks gave most to Marco Rubio and Pat Toomey. This year, it's Jon Tester and Heidi Heitkamp. Senate Democrats trying to hold... [Read More]
That's on top of the SEC probe that's already underway. [Read More]
It's been 10 years since Lehman Brothers collapsed, setting off the 2008 financial crisis that cost billions of dollars and millions of homes and jobs. [Read More]
The president also wants the Senate process to play out because "there shouldn't be even a little doubt." President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he... [Read More]
The president's son and others are attacking CNN's Hurricane Florence coverage — with a picture from Hurricane Ike in 2008. CNN journalist Anderson Cooper has... [Read More]
"Hate speech isn't 'telling it like it is.' It's just hate." Hillary Clinton is done playing nice. The former Democratic Party presidential nominee criticized President... [Read More]