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Nandu Dangal used to earn a penny for a day's worth of work in Nepal, now, he owns his own business in West Michigan. [Read More]
Refugees typically flee home countries riddled by brutal regimes, which often includes brutality by law enforcement, Wyoming Police Chief James Carmody said. [Read More]
No group of people traveling to the United States undergo a more scrupulous vetting process than the most vulnerable population, according to a representative from... [Read More]
Four years of one of the most meticulous vetting processes: that's what Muhammad Zadran, better known as Ilyas, his wife and two sons went through... [Read More]
The Immigration and Customs Enforcement uniform looks similar to most local police uniforms -- a fact that Wyoming Police Department Chief James Carmody said only... [Read More]
Robots in the workplace is hardly a new concept, but a robot that can open elevators and drive itself is. [Read More]
Three people were stabbed in Grand Rapids on Friday, March 10, 2017. [Read More]
Residents at Ambrose Ridge Senior Living Apartments were left without power for most of the afternoon, like many in West Michigan, on Wednesday, March 8,... [Read More]
Residents at Ambrose Ridge Senior Living Apartments were left without power or help on Wednesday, March 8, 2017. [Read More]
Chris Dudley got to see the impact of this donation in action as he read the book, "Nyrah's Bully," to a group of first-grade students... [Read More]
About a dozen people gathered during the afternoon Tuesday, Feb. 14, at Calder Plaza to wish Rep. Justin Amash a happy Valentine's Day. [Read More]
"Let them in, let them in," this chant could be heard by nearly a thousand voices outside Gerald R. Ford Airport in Grand Rapids on... [Read More]
GVSU President Thomas Haas issued the following statement in response to President Trump's ban on immigration and refugees:... [Read More]
A protest will take place beginning at 3:00 p.m. at Gerald R. Ford International Airport in response to President Trump's immigration ban. [Read More]
A car rolled over multiple times leading to the ejection of a 15-year-old female in Ottawa County, Saturday Jan. 28. [Read More]
The victim is in critical condition. [Read More]
There's been no shortage of national news surrounding the inauguration and the events that followed. Here in West Michigan, 38 students from Newaygo High School... [Read More]
Less than $1 per million gallons of fresh water: that's how much one group in Michigan claims that Nestle will pay for water if their... [Read More]
Students from Wyoming High School got the chance to witness the presidential inauguration from a quarter-mile away Friday, Jan. 20, 2017. [Read More]
While protests in Washington D.C. turned violent on Friday, Jan. 20, 2017. Tomorrow's women's march is expected to be much more peaceful. [Read More]