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When companies are planning out their cybersecurity strategy today, they often have to strike a difficult balance between preventive and protective tools to protect their... [Read More]
International Business Times talked with CenturyLink chief security officer Dave Mahon about the latest cybersecurity trends. [Read More]
Fans of the Google Pixel have been parsing over details for the upcoming Pixel 2, but Google may have indirectly unveiled several upcoming features itself.... [Read More]
Two companies who've been long-rumored to get together are back at it again. T-Mobile and Sprint are engaged in "active talks" that could lead to... [Read More]
The carriers are once again in talks about joining together. [Read More]
Apple Pay Cash was one of the bigger advertised features in the run-up to Apple's iOS 11 release and although the operating system update still... [Read More]
Apple's Venmo competitor will be delayed and launch later this year. [Read More]
Xbox 360 controllers have long since been replaced by Microsoft, but an unlikely source is getting a second lifespan out of them: the U.S. Navy.... [Read More]
The Navy is changing the controls for some of its submarines to accommodate younger sailors. [Read More]
Samsung has put a lot of effort into launching its Bixby virtual assistant, but the company is finally making a concession to Samsung Galaxy users... [Read More]
An upcoming Samsung update will fix a long-standing annoyance for Galaxy S8 users. [Read More]
For years, tech companies have been viewed favorably by most Americans, as sites like Amazon and Google benefitted from reputations as cutting-edge and innovative businesses. But... [Read More]
High-profile tech companies like Amazon and Google have been tied up in recent political scuffles. [Read More]
Artificial intelligence is a growing field for tech companies and Facebook is the latest to make a significant investment in the platform. The social networking... [Read More]
Facebook is heading north for its latest artificial research investment. [Read More]
"South Park" debuted its 21st season Wednesday and the long-running animated show mostly focused on Confederate flag protests in "White People Renovating Houses." But the... [Read More]
The season premiere of "South Park" triggered Amazon Echo and other home assistants -- but was it on purpose? [Read More]
Tuesday's Apple launch event saw the release of the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. But along with the new phone additions, it'll... [Read More]
Apple has raised prices on many of its repair and warranty options. [Read More]
With fall coming up, Apple unveiled its latest slate of iPhone releases at its launch event Tuesday. The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus feature... [Read More]