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Alaska's senior senator plans to attach the bill to Republicans' forthcoming tax bill. [Read More]
Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski chairs the Energy and Natural Resources Committee and thus has some oversight over efforts to repair the felled electrical grid in... [Read More]
Alaska's congressional delegation is hoping the Republican tax plan could offer an opportunity not realized in nearly four decades of trying. [Read More]
Numerous Alaskans were lined up to testify Thursday morning before a U.S. Senate committee run by Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski about what it would mean... [Read More]
Alaskans will testify early Thursday at a Senate hearing promoting legislation opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling. [Read More]
Former House Speaker John Boehner told a doozy of a story about Alaska's congressman in an interview with Politico Magazine. [Read More]
The Alaska senator is looking for corporate tax cuts and nabbing more funding from states with high income taxes. [Read More]
The Alaska senator hasn't decided whether he will support an incremental bill aimed at shoring up the nation's individual health insurance markets. [Read More]
Seriously, just watch it. [Read More]
The two Alaskans were invited to the president's speech on combating the nation's growing drug problem. [Read More]
Boosted fees at some of the nation's most-visited national parks would address some of the service's major maintenance funding shortfalls. [Read More]
Closing the book on the name change of Alaska's highest peak: something you may have missed from AFN this weekend. [Read More]
Getting an idea of the timing and plans for building a long-sought road through a remote Alaska wildlife refuge is a bit more difficult now. [Read More]
Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain inched closer than ever before to supporting drilling in the Alaska refuge. [Read More]
Walker and a bipartisan group of governors want Congress to act to stabilize individual markets. [Read More]
The senior Alaska senator spent a lot of long flights back to Washington chatting with the lead Democrat on the new bipartisan deal. [Read More]
If the U.S. Senate confirms the president's pick, she'll be the first Alaska Native and the second woman to hold the position of assistant secretary... [Read More]
Senate Republicans are on the edge of passing a budget provision that could open the door to a simple-majority vote on drilling in Alaska's Arctic... [Read More]
Hladick will oversee the Environmental Protection Agency for Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington,... [Read More]
Larry Burton has a long history in the health and oil industries, along with ties to Alaska. [Read More]