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In a high-stakes gambit, opposition lawmakers are hoping to entice members of the security forces to switch sides, so they can organize new elections. [Read More]
The destruction of indigenous artifacts and documents was a personal blow for the descendants of Brazil's oldest inhabitants, who had long fought to preserve their... [Read More]
The country's foreign minister denounced "U.S. intervention plans and help to military conspirators" after The New York Times reported on secret talks. [Read More]
Venezuelan military officers seeking to overthrow President Nicolás Maduro sought help from the Trump administration, which met with them several times. [Read More]
The National Museum of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro housed a collection of more than 20 million items, including Egyptian mummies, dinosaur fossils and the... [Read More]
A controversial exhibition was shut down after protests by religious groups, inciting a national argument about art. After a record-setting fund-raising drive, the show reopened... [Read More]
The raids on an apartment and a house owned by former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner mark a significant development in a kickback scheme. [Read More]
After a colleague posted a photo of officer Celeste Ayala breast-feeding a neglected baby at a hospital, a small act of kindness turned into national... [Read More]
Chris Feliciano Arnold's "The Third Bank of the River" is a reported and personal look at the problems plaguing the Amazon and its people. [Read More]
Intense lobbying by the Roman Catholic Church and social conservatives helped defeat a bill to legalize abortion, but the campaign energized women's rights groups across... [Read More]
Argentina's Senate on Thursday narrowly rejected a bill to legalize abortion, dealing a stinging defeat to a grass-roots movement that pushed reproductive rights to the... [Read More]
Argentina's Senate on Thursday narrowly rejected a bill to legalize abortion, dealing a stinging defeat to a grassroots movement that pushed reproductive rights to the... [Read More]
A rare two-day public hearing on abortion comes as legislators are trying to restrict the practice. [Read More]
The giant antenna rises from the desert floor like an apparition, a gleaming metal tower jutting 16 storeys above an endless wind-whipped stretch of desert. [Read More]
As U.S. focuses on Asia, China has been building presence across the globe. [Read More]
The lone survivor of an isolated tribe in the Brazilian Amazon, monitored and assisted from afar by the government for decades, looks healthy in a... [Read More]
The sole survivor of an isolated indigenous community in the Brazilian Amazon looks strong and vibrant in new video footage. [Read More]
The dramatic rise and fall of the tycoon, Eike Batista, mirrored the tumultuous boom-and-bust cycle that has rattled Brazil during the past decade. [Read More]
Across the region, voters have ousted governing parties as a growing middle class demands more of its leaders. [Read More]
A first-time study puts a price tag on the country's epidemic of violence. The status quo, it concluded, is unaffordable and unsustainable. [Read More]