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The Front Runner reviews and reactions from the first screening at Telluride Film Festival has plenty of praise foe Hugh Jackman to go around. [Read More]
Want to see fans demand the trailer for Captain Marvel in the form of a rap? When is the second annual Adam West Day in... [Read More]
Though some fans have been skeptical for years, The Simpsons Michael Jackson episode from the early 90s really did feature the King of Pop. [Read More]
Searching isn't the first movie to be told entirely through computer and mobile screens, but it might be the first movie to take advantage of... [Read More]
A new Suspiria poster and a sample from the film's score by Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke set the stage for what promises to be a... [Read More]
Focus Features announced new members of the Downton Abbey movie cast along with news of principal photography beginning across the pond. [Read More]
We're not even into fall yet, but it's hard not to look forward to the summer of 2019. Not only will that give Marvel Cinematic... [Read More]
Funko's new line of Savage World Thundercats figures are retro style toys with huge muscles like the classic Masters of the Universe action figures. [Read More]
Did a Funko POP spoil a new suit from the upcoming Spider-Man PS4 game? Are you ready for Celine Dion's song "Ashes" laid over footage... [Read More]
In an oral history of GoldenEye 64, a couple of the game's creators have confirmed that playing as Oddjob is cheating in the multiplayer mode. [Read More]
Word of the MoviePass annual subscription canceled came straight from the company itself, making yet another change to their movie ticket service. [Read More]
The developing Galaga animated series has landed Star Trek producer Robert Orci and animation company ShadowMachine to shape the project. [Read More]
A new Stranger Things 2 Duffer Brothers featurette focuses on what the sibling duo bring to set and how they collaborate with their cast and... [Read More]
Netflix announced The Break with Michelle Wolf canceled without telling the show's staff first, and The Joel McHale Show is done too. [Read More]
The universe is ending their reign of terror on us with The Last Sharknado trailer promising that this intentionally terrible TV movie franchise is ending. [Read More]
We've got news on the cancellation of Shooter, a new series from Rob McElhenney and Charlie Day, a Kim Possible teaser and more. [Read More]
Want to know the first few episode titles for the fifth seasons of The Flash and Gotham? What does Bruce Campbell think some problems are... [Read More]
Did you hear about Hasan Minhaj leaving The Daily Show? Don't worry, he'll be back with a Netflix show and he has a plan to... [Read More]
In The Oath teaser trailer, we get a taste of the upcoming comedy that takes awkward political discourse around the holidays and turns it up... [Read More]
The idea of a road trip bringing about some kind of life-changing experience in characters is quite the cliché on the big screen. But that... [Read More]