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On Tuesday, Florida House leaders proposed a higher-education budget that includes cuts prompting state universities and colleges to spend money from their reserve funds. WLRN's... [Read More]
Inmate deaths in the Florida prison system are up 20 percent over previous years. Last Friday, The Florida Department of Corrections released information that 428... [Read More]
The current owners of the Marlin's is clearing up house. Notable examples include Slugger Giancarlo Stanton and Mr. Marlin himself, Jeff Conine. Reportedly, Derek Jeter... [Read More]
Coffee is an integral part of any breakfast in Miami. Of the many different coffee drinks available, none are as native to the Miami culture... [Read More]
Hip-hop has had a steady presence in mainstream media. Successful Hip-Hop movies like "Boyz In The Hood" and more recently "Straight Outta Compton" validate the... [Read More]
Important news involving Latin America affects many South Floridians. U.S.-Cuban relations are strained. Puerto Rico continues to recover three months after Hurricanes Irma and Maria... [Read More]
On Tuesday, Broward County became the latest municipality to ban conversion therapy for kids . The ban passed in a unanimous vote. The controversial therapy,... [Read More]
Florida is gearing up for the gubernatorial election come this November. Last Friday, Rep. Ron DeSantis officially announced he would enter the governor's race .... [Read More]
The Puerto Rico-bound cargo ship SS El Faro sank in 2015, leaving a total of 33 deaths. The tragedy was the worst American disaster at... [Read More]
South Florida's cuisine delights locals and tourists with fan favorites like ham croquetas, Cuban fritas, artisan donuts and freshly caught seafood- which includes stone crab... [Read More]
The Florida Constitution will be revised come the new year. The Constitution Revision Commission is in charge of the revision, which takes place every 20... [Read More]
Music has long been used as a vehicle to drive social awareness forward. Artists like Bob Marley and Gil Scott-Heron tackled political issues head-on in... [Read More]
Most young people are concerned with juggling academic responsibilities, chores and maintaining a respectable social life. But there is always an exception to the norm.... [Read More]
South Florida offers a plethora of dining options from all nationalities catering to different tastes, whims and budgets. Many self-proclaimed "foodies," lovers of food, take... [Read More]
The South Florida sun appeals to almost everyone: tourists, snowbirds, even embattled prime ministers looking to unwind after saving a nation from the threat of... [Read More]
How well does the first amendment protect government employees? This is the question on trial right now at a West Palm Beach court. James Tracy,... [Read More]
Uncertainty looms at the Florida Supreme Court as three judges near retirement at the same time Gov. Rick Scott leaves office in January 2019. Who... [Read More]
Croquetas, churrasco, Cuban-sandwiches, café con leche and tostada— these are very recognizable parts of Miami's gastronomy. Locals and tourists alike revel at the sight, smell... [Read More]
Thusday on Sundial: Nursing homes in Florida have been in the national spotlight due to the tragedy at the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills, where... [Read More]
Thusday on Sundial: Nursing homes in Florida have been in the national spotlight due to the tragedy at the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills, where... [Read More]