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A cow briefly escaped death by ramming a fence and swimming to an island in southern Poland. The cow was being led toward a truck... [Read More]
Domino's Pizza says it is in no way affiliated with an adult entertainment website after news of the site's Domino's-ordering sex toy was announced on... [Read More]
Pence's meeting with North Korea nixed on eve of talks - National News Pence was in talks to meet with Kim Jong Un's sister during... [Read More]
A look at schools that have already armed teachers - National News Two school districts near Dayton, Ohio have a confidential team of teachers and... [Read More]
A California couple accused of sexually abusing their 5-year-old son may have performed sexual acts on their dogs too, police revealed Wednesday. Roy Ling, 35,... [Read More]
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis is expected to recommend to President Trump that transgender people can serve in the U.S. military if they can deploy overseas,... [Read More]
Major biblical discovery Archaeologists may have found the Prophet Isaiah's 'signature' - National News Archaeologists in Israel say that they have found a clay seal... [Read More]
Ohio school districts train teachers to handle guns 'They are our safety' - National News Two school districts near Dayton, Ohio have trained a confidential... [Read More]
Dutch speed skater Jan Blokhuijsen apologized Thursday after igniting the wrath of many South Koreans by lecturing the Winter Olympics host country to "please treat... [Read More]
A woman leaped into action and chased down a man after he stole another woman's purse – and then she took the alleged mugger to... [Read More]
Carrie Underwood's husband Mike Fisher slams break up rumors - National News Carrie Underwood's husband, Mike Fisher, has made it clear to the world that... [Read More]
The force will be with the original Luke Skywalker on March 8, as Hamill joins the ranks of Hollywood's top icons on the legendary Walk... [Read More]
A Kansas woman is facing a pricey lawsuit after a bank accused her of making dozens of withdrawals from a faulty ATM that was dispensing... [Read More]
Dem candidate under fire for 'crusty old Marine' comment - National News A Democrat running for Congress in San Diego is under fire after allegedly... [Read More]
Authorities were appalled to discover a 66-foot-long, beached blue whale along the coast of Punta Delgada, Chile, desecrated with graffiti and surrounded by dozens of... [Read More]
A Texas school district is threatening to suspend students who protest gun violence during school hours as "walkouts" among young activists take place nationwide. [Read More]
Who to watch at CPAC Agenda includes Trump, Pence, Cruz and more - National News The Conservative Political Action Conference – known simply as CPAC... [Read More]
The Latest Montenegro police US embassy bomb not terrorism - National News The Latest on the attack on the U. S. [Read More]
NRA hits back LaPierre, at CPAC, says 'opportunists' exploiting Florida tragedy for 'political gain' - National News The leader of the National Rifle Association on... [Read More]
Egypt 7 troops killed in Sinai anti-militant operation - National News Egypt's military says seven troops have been killed so far in a massive security... [Read More]