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By now you've probably heard about all the problems with the music industry: It's not what it was. No one spends meaningful amounts of time... [Read More]
So far 2018 has been a banner year for Drake. Since February, Toronto's leading performer has reigned over the singles charts: the uplift of "God's... [Read More]
For a band 14 years and seven albums into their career, the Beach House experience can only be described as phenomenally untroubled. The personal turbulence... [Read More]
Seasoned watchers of Meek Mill's career were unlikely to discover much new in his Dateline NBC interview last Sunday night with Lester Holt. Most of... [Read More]
Portishead's 2008 album 'Third' turned 10 over the weekend, and Frank Guan explores why it was such a monumental comeback for a major band, and... [Read More]
By now you've probably heard about all the problems with the music industry: It's not what it was. No one spends meaningful amounts of time... [Read More]
Kanye West released two songs over the weekend. Both were terrible, albeit in different ways. Friday evening witnessed the arrival of "Lift Yourself," where the... [Read More]
In a series of tweets, Kanye West identified with figures who, online, come off as fringe alt-right characters and Trump fans — it's not entirely... [Read More]
Kanye West isn't the first musician to return from a Twitter hiatus to promote a new album — witness Jay-Z, whose typically dormant account released,... [Read More]
Kendrick Lamar has won a music Pulitzer, which is an honor he deserves, but it's also a striking departure for the music category, which is... [Read More]
As a project, Cowboy Bebop didn't have an auspicious beginning. By the time Shinichiro Watanabe's eclectic, free-wheeling anime debuted 20 years ago this week, it... [Read More]
The Weeknd and Drake have something of a shared history. Both young black men raised in the Toronto area, their trajectories crossed when the latter... [Read More]
It was bound to happen at some point: SoundCloud rap, the catchall phrase for a loose band of young hip-hop artists with heavy punk influence... [Read More]
YouTube's Lyor Cohen plans to increase ads so you'll pay for their music service. Will it actually work? [Read More]
To be entirely fair, "frustrate and seduce," the phrase recently used by Lyor Cohen to describe his plans to turn YouTube into a music juggernaut,... [Read More]
It's not G-Eazy's fault that the most compelling portion of his live show comes when he stops rapping. He's having something of a moment: Fresh... [Read More]
Group acts in pop have always been unstable compounds. Even when the pieces fit, the blowup is inevitable. It can happen many ways. The management... [Read More]
Every so often, the cultural discourse resets itself, and accusations of appropriation are launched (or relaunched) at a different target. Four years ago, the offender... [Read More]
Spring 2018 album releases: Cardi B, Jack White, Ariana Grande, Janelle Monáe, Drake, Kacey Musgraves, and dozens more. [Read More]
The magic in Taylor Swift's video for "Delicate" starts when, in a brief moment alone before a mirror, the singer reads a golden note. Before,... [Read More]