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As far as music-video formats go, the easiest is likely A Night on the Town. The story pretty much shoots itself: Just put the star... [Read More]
It's true that Radiohead hasn't yet filed a lawsuit demanding royalties from Lana Del Rey for allegedly copying "Creep" in "Get Free," the album closer... [Read More]
The contrast between the current king of rap and the current president is so dramatic that it speaks for itself. [Read More]
As far as brief concerts on ESPN go, Kendrick Lamar's halftime show for college football's national championship went about as well as possible. Held in... [Read More]
Bruno Mars may be the PT Cruiser of contemporary pop, but if he is, at least he's a deluxe model. The man sports every optional... [Read More]
Music currently relies on the momentum of the surprise release. Artists like Beyoncé or Frank Ocean or Drake will drop a hint that something could... [Read More]
On Christmas Eve, Lorde announced that she would cancel an upcoming concert in Israel. Since announcing the Tel Aviv show, she had been flooded with... [Read More]
Strange though it seems now, there once was a time when Eminem was ahead of the curve. Back in the early 2000s, he had just... [Read More]
There's a curse involved in a being an innovator; present audiences are often unprepared to greet the future. Few understand this better than Chief Keef,... [Read More]
Playboi Carti, SZA, Kelela, Lorde, Lil Uzi Vert, Kendrick Lamar, and more — these are the 10 best songs of 2017. [Read More]
It's late in 2017. Do you still have to hear both sides? If Joyner Lucas has his way, you do. Last week, the Massachusetts rapper... [Read More]
By now, Kendrick Lamar is no stranger to the Grammys. Between guest appearances on others' songs and his debut album Good Kid, M.A.A.D City, Kendrick... [Read More]
Whatever one might think about Lil Pump, it's going to be hard not to think of color. Recognized by his flamboyant wardrobe and brightly dyed... [Read More]
Though Ebba Nilsson now lives in Brooklyn, her story could only have begun in Sweden. The daughter of a well-off family, the grunge-loving Nilsson attended... [Read More]
Taylor Swift has never been content to rest on her laurels, and it shows perhaps most prominently in her singles — not just their quality,... [Read More]
On Sleigh Bells' new "mini-EP," the band doubles down on what worked for them in the first place, but it doesn't yield great results. [Read More]
Democratic Socialist Jabari Bisport's campaign for a Brooklyn city council seat shows how grassroots progressiveness started by Bernie Sanders lives on. [Read More]
"Call It What You Want" is the fourth single from Taylor Swift's upcoming album 'Reputation,' how does it compare to the previous singles? [Read More]
On their new single, "Lemon" Rihanna links up with the production team Chad Hugo and Pharrell under their N.E.R.D. alias. [Read More]
Vulture is looking back at the best releases so far in 2017. This list has been updated to include October releases. ... [Read More]