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SpaceX will attempt the first commercial link-up with the International Space Station (ISS) on Feb. 7, which could be a major milestone on the way to the low-Earth-orbit economy NASA is trying to... [Read More]
U.S. companies will draw on their experience building scientific and commercial communications spacecraft to develop probes to explore remnants of the early Solar System. [Read More]
Tom and Jerry are more than an old-school cartoon, they are now an important cubesat experiment. [Read More]
SpaceX hopes to return its Falcon 9 to flight this month but must await final FAA action before scheduling a launch. [Read More]
Movement toward more frequent privatized human spaceflight is just one of the big achievements slated for 2017. [Read More]
The Indian Space Research Organization's mission has been circling the red planet since Sept. 24, 2014, returning a trove of data and imagery. [Read More]
Aerospace & Defense 2017 is the latest version of our annual predictor of trends to watch across all the fields we cover. With that issue in the back, we talk with our top... [Read More]
Private sector space initiatives are expected to continue and perhaps be bolstered under Trump administration. [Read More]
Managing Editor Jennifer Dimascio, Frank Morring, Senior Editor, Space, Jefferson Morris, EIC, Aerospace Daily & Defense Report and Executive Editor Jim Asker discuss what went wrong with the SpaceX launch in September and... [Read More]
The Sept. 1 launch-pad explosion, among other problems, is putting a crimp, for now, in the big plans for Elon Musk's 'new space' company. [Read More]
Jan Woerner's Moon village concept is looking better to NASA, and the Trump administration could move things along faster. [Read More]
SpaceX has yet to present a final report to the FAA's commercial space office, which licenses commercial launches, on the company's September pad explosion that destroyed an Israeli satellite. [Read More]
President-elect Donald Trump's transition team is hearing that life-support technology remains a question mark in NASA's exploration plans. [Read More]
A top NASA administrator discusses the U.S. space program at what may be an 'inflection point' between the old and the new ways of doing things. [Read More]
NASA has decided to ease humans back to the Moon in a free-return flyaround trajectory on the first flight of the Orion crew capsule with astronauts on board, instead of going directly to... [Read More]
The principal investigator for the New Horizons program says the volume of unexpected results will change understanding of what is happening in the Kuiper Belt. [Read More]
Both SpaceX and Boeing have slipped their launch dates for first crewed flights to the ISS, as a big decision awaits the next presidential administration. [Read More]
U.S. president-elect Donald Trump is just beginning to form his team. What will it mean for aerospace, aviation, NASA, trade and the economy? [Read More]
Donald Trump's takeover of the White House brings certain change, although nobody knows what exactly—maybe not even the president-elect. [Read More]
Space-policy advisers to the nascent administration of President-elect Donald Trump see a revived National Space Council under incoming Vice President Mike Pence coordinating civil, military and intelligence space activities from the White House... [Read More]