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The September 2018 Census Bureau report says America's middle-income is quickly increasing with median income up $11,000 per family. In less than two years, up... [Read More]
Recently, Kevin and his board of directors asked me to join them in a discussion of how a private equity (PE) firm will value its... [Read More]
Progressives raise taxes to pay for more welfare. After a tax increase reduces revenues by killing jobs, creating more need for welfare, they raise taxes... [Read More]
Last month, Bill and Mary, owners of a successful hardware distribution company, came to see me about selling their business to their son. [Read More]
Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court. Progressives can't stop his confirmation. Progressives fear a conservative court will overturn some of their... [Read More]
both in the number of deals and the size of those transactions". For business owners,... [Read More]
West Central Tribune An ominous cloud, photographed from Kandiyohi County Road 9 near U.S. Highway 12, rolls over Willmar shortly before noon Wednesday. Although the... [Read More]
Many business owners put tax issues on the "back burner" when selling their companies. Ignoring tax considerations, until after the deal is struck, is a... [Read More]
One amendment to the U.S. Constitution as impossible to ratify as repealing the Second Amendment would be one to elect U.S. presidents by popular vote. [Read More]
When a seller tries to hide facts, or doesn't disclose them to buyers and they are uncovered during due diligence, say goodbye to the deal.... [Read More]
That business owner isn't alone. According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, nearly 40 percent of fraud occurs at privately held companies and 30... [Read More]
The world of ICOs, or 'Initial Coin Offerings,' is replete with intrigue and mystery, with tales of millions of dollars being raised in mere minutes... [Read More]
Last year I wrote an article on eight tips for avoiding an IRS audit.  This year, I want to give you some advice on what... [Read More]
Liberals want gun laws that don't work, Conservatives want real school security. Parents and children want freedom from fear. [Read More]
What's next for Wyoming? The Blockchain. ... [Read More]
What's next for Wyoming? The Blockchain. ... [Read More]
With the economy growing substantially as well as the low cost of capital, many business owners are considering making an acquisition as part of their... [Read More]
Trump has gained 3 percent support since election. [Read More]
If you're thinking about selling your business in 2018-2019, the time is right. There are a few reasons, but most importantly, , the value of companies... [Read More]
Gen. Michael Flynn was indicted for a false statement to the FBI. The head of the FBI confirmed in a congressional hearing that Hillary Clinton... [Read More]