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The Russian military exercise known as "Zapad" is scheduled to begin this month in Belarus and has prompted concern among NATO allies that it may... [Read More]
Gary Schmitt and Rebecca Burgess As President Macron and President Trump stood side by side during the Bastille Day ceremonies in Paris, it was... [Read More]
Only Germany can save Europe from the populist threat. [Read More]
Gary Schmitt Tony Smith, political science professor at Tufts, is a man on a mission. His mission: save Wilsonianism from its perversions by post-Cold War... [Read More]
Time will tell whether the American cruise missile strike against the Syrian air base will deter future Syrian government use of chemical weapons or even... [Read More]
The CIA leak is just the latest of many over the last several decades. [Read More]
As Donald Trump tries to transform himself from reality TV star and King of Twitter into something more substantive and presidential, his principal argument is... [Read More]
At times, the dispute between the Trump administration and the federal courts over the president's executive order on immigration feels more like a WWE SmackDown... [Read More]
Gary Schmitt More than a few commentators have analogized Donald Trump's election to that of Andrew Jackson: anti-establishment, populist, and rooted in a grassroots anger... [Read More]
Thomas Donnelly and Gary Schmitt The election of Donald Trump initially seemed to be a lifeline to an American military suffering from unrelenting budget... [Read More]
Russia is using America's own liberality to discredit Western values. But Trump can push back. [Read More]
Perhaps the most significant reason is the current cost of running for Congress. [Read More]
In a recent opinion, Michael O'Hanlon of the Brookings Institution and retired General David Petraeus, assert that the... [Read More]
Gary Schmitt A good historian is inevitably a revisionist. Why write if you have nothing new to offer? [Read More]
With the new fiscal year for the federal government rapidly approaching, the irresponsible and dangerous game of chicken being played with national defense continues. For... [Read More]
Khadija Ismayilova, an Azerbaijani journalist working for the congressionally funded Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, has been sitting behind bars in Baku since December and faces... [Read More]
'Russia is a friendly, European country," said President Vladimir Putin in a 2001 address to the Bundestag in Berlin. Putin told German lawmakers he applauded... [Read More]
Sen. Cotton: 'narrow margins are not enough.' NEWSCOM "The single biggest threat to our national security is our debt." [Read More]