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Drafting the creatures from 'A Quiet Place,' and other ways to make the Oscar telecast better. [Read More]
It's 'Purge' lite. [Read More]
Filmmaker/showman Michael Moore returns to Flint in 'Fahrenheit 11-9,' and finds an inspiring civic activism rising from the city's water crisis. [Read More]
"Assassination Nation" peaks early, with a funny prologue full of helpful trigger warnings about impending sex, violence, racism, and threats to the "fragile male ego."... [Read More]
The overlong second half gets lost in plot mechanics that are less interesting than the character dynamics... [Read More]
In the sharp-elbowed arena of competitive mommying, no one is safe, an idea that "A Simple Favor" examines over arched eyebrows and mixed drinks, with... [Read More]
A look at some of the top movies to hit theaters this fall. [Read More]
Bank robbers and Big Shorts - the top ten movies about the financial crisis, on its tenth anniversary. [Read More]
As Ben Kingsley talks about his new movie "Operation Finale," he's trying to digest the news, just relayed by his agent, that he may soon... [Read More]
Philadelphia native and philanthropist Sidney Kimmel, now a movie producer, made a move to expand to Asian markets at just the right time — one... [Read More]
Domhnall Gleeson is a physician tending a family of threadbare British aristocrats in the ghost story 'The Little Stranger.'... [Read More]
Rose Byrne starts an e-mail relationship with the reclusive musician worshipped by her boyfriend (Chris O'Dowd) in 'Juliet, Naked'... [Read More]
When a novelist (Jonathan Pryce) wins the Nobel, it places a surprising strain on his marriage (to Glenn Close). [Read More]
Before they made a feature debut with 'Kin,' filmmaking brothers Josh and Jonathan Baker made a promotional movie for the Sixers. [Read More]
A Detroit teen (Myles Truitt) goes on the run with his ex-con brother (Jack Reynor) and a ray-gun in the sci-fi adventure 'Kin.'... [Read More]
In 'Operation Finale' Israeli agents (Oscar Isaac, Melanie Laurent) locate and capture Nazi war criminal Adolph Eichmann (Ben Kingsley). [Read More]
Ben Kingsley is known for heavy drama like 'Operation Finale," in which he plays Adolph Eichmann, but he wants to do more comedy. [Read More]
Regina Hall shines as manager a Hooters-style restaurant in 'Support the Girls.'... [Read More]
Jeremiah Zagar captures the lyricism of Justin Torres novel 'We The Animals' in his film adaptation. [Read More]
If you've seen Philly native Jeremiah Zagar's documentary about his family, In a Dream, featuring his muralist father Isaiah, you have a sense of the... [Read More]