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Mississippi Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Mike Espy allegedly continued to take payments from an African despot after saying he had halted the contract. He faces... [Read More]
Legislature will take governor's recommendations under advisement, but have the final say on $6 billion budget next year.        ... [Read More]
Report says Espy continued taking money from former Ivory Coast President Gbagbo's government. Gbagbo accused of crimes against humanity.        ... [Read More]
Trump considers another Mississippi rally for Cindy Hyde-Smith. National Republicans help as Hyde-Smith deals with "public hanging' fallout.        ... [Read More]
A Chris McDaniel supporter and former county co-chair for his U.S. Senate campaign Mario Barnes is accused of beating a Kentucky man Lance Acton at... [Read More]
Alleged victim wrote Cindy Hyde-Smith campaign about incident.        ... [Read More]
Lawmakers on Monday held budget hearings marked by protests over prison inmate deaths.        ... [Read More]
Facebook has chosen Jackson as one of 30 cities in which it will offer free training to help small businesses. The sessions will be Monday... [Read More]
Local Coast leaders have called for more control of tidelands; DMR has seen scandal and corruption... [Read More]
Online report says Fitch expected to be offered position in Labor Department; she doesn't say whether she'd accept... [Read More]
Senate and House Accountability, Efficiency and Transparency Chairmen John Polk and Jerry Turner are taking another crack at state contract reform. [Read More]
After audience boos, U.S. Senate candidate Chris McDaniel said he was talking about entire state.        ... [Read More]
After audience boos, U.S. Senate candidate Chris McDaniel said he was talking about entire state.        ... [Read More]
As lawmakers begin setting next year's budget, state finances are looking up — positive movement from flagging or stagnant revenue in recent years       ... [Read More]
Two lawmakers had sued Gov. Bryant and others claiming his midyear budget cuts were unconstitutional.        ... [Read More]
President Trump has canceled plans for a Make America Great Again rally in Mississippi on Friday.        ... [Read More]
Trump's endorsement has been seen as crucial to Hyde-Smith's campaign. She has faced questions about her Republican and conservative bona fides.        ... [Read More]
President will hold rally, campaign for Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith in Jackson.        ... [Read More]
Will says, "The odds are somewhat, but only somewhat, against Espy, so the possibility of victory is not an illusion."        ... [Read More]
It's somewhat unusual for a governor to keynote a fundraiser that far down ticket, and this far out from elections        ... [Read More]