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At some point he'll realize the Gulf region is a graveyard of failed ideas for collective security. [Read More]
The administration is trying to wish Palestinian refugees away in order to serve hardline Israel interests. [Read More]
Not only has Sykes-Picot survived in the Middle East, it has beaten back all challengers. [Read More]
A Syrian fighter jet was shot down Tuesday afternoon by the Israeli Air Force, which claimed the plane had penetrated Israel's airspace near the Golan... [Read More]
Washington has been on the offensive against the Islamic Republic of Iran for close to half a century. Largely as a result, Iran, a rounding... [Read More]
The deed is done. The U.S. Embassy in Israel is now officially in Jerusalem. Other than that, the Trump administration insists, nothing has changed. But... [Read More]
The move to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital and establish an embassy there is the most consequential American diplomatic action in the the Israeli-Arab conflict... [Read More]
The bombs continue to fall over Syria to the consternation of all concerned. Syrian president Bashar al-Assad warns of a conflict on Syrian soil that... [Read More]
More than 1,400 have been wounded in clashes between Palestinian protesters and the Israeli military. The media has barely noticed. [Read More]
But Washington will continue to blunder into confrontations in the Middle East without a comprehensive strategy. [Read More]
It should be no surprise that Washington's Syrian Kurdish allies---who have long had daggers drawn and pointed at our fellow NATO member Turkey---are now reconciling... [Read More]
Hands have been wringing over Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu's revelation that Israel has been discussing its annexation of the West Bank---long a diplomatic taboo---with the... [Read More]
Donald Trump's promise of "a deal of the century" to end the conflict between Israel and the Arabs is getting legs. After a year of... [Read More]
Netanyahu's hardline government is using the U.S. embassy move to expand and strengthen settlements, ending any prospect for peace. [Read More]
The crown prince could be working to engineer a two-state solution that favors Israel. [Read More]
Russia's multifaceted involvement in the Syrian war has now tipped the advantage decisively in favor of the government led by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.Its well-considered... [Read More]
In 1595 Mehmed III became sultan of the Ottoman empire. In order to preempt any challenges to his power, he ordered aides to strangle all... [Read More]
Syrian president Bashar al-Assad is well on the road to a military victory over his numerous enemies. A coalition of Syrian government, Iranian, Lebanese, and... [Read More]
Resolving conflict now an 'artifact of history' and Trump appears to care less. [Read More]