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Mr. Mitchell, who at 83 still exudes grandness, is the subject of an exhibition at the Wallach gallery at Columbia's Lenfest Center for the Arts. [Read More]
The challenge for the Brooklynettes, who perform at home games of the Brooklyn Nets, is to capture the attention of fans. [Read More]
With packed routines, the hard-working Brooklynettes and Knicks City Dancers are "there to create just as much of a show as the basketball players." [Read More]
Zachary Downer's turning skills are on display in this solo from 'Cats.'... [Read More]
An exuberant unison-and-canon-filled section from Michelle Dorrance's "Until the Real Thing Comes Along (a letter to ourselves)." [Read More]
Ms. Dorrance's new dance, "Until the Real Thing Comes Along," part of her season at the Joyce, will showcase the styles of four singular tappers. [Read More]
Dancers of retirement age reflect on why they're still practicing. Asks one, "What else am I but that body as a dancer?" [Read More]
Kota Yamazaki and his wife, the dancer Mina Nishimura, talk about their new work coming to Baryshnikov Arts Center. [Read More]
Jamar Roberts's new "Members Don't Get Weary" was emotional and virtuosic. And Twyla Tharp's 1983 "Golden Section," set to David Byrne, returned. [Read More]
This soothing duet comes at the beginning of Brown's playful "Groove and Countermove," set to music by Dave Douglas. [Read More]
How do you redesign a classic? Isabel and Ruben Toledo took on "George Balanchine's The Nutcracker" for Miami. [Read More]
Nine months after Brown's death, her dance company returns to the proscenium stage at the Joyce — which wasn't the plan. [Read More]
Yannick Lebrun of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater dances part of "Sinner Man," a powerful, propulsive segment of Ailey's "Revelations." [Read More]
The snow scene in "George Balanchine's The Nutcracker" is a dazzling group effort full of brisk footwork and sparkling jumps. [Read More]
Each year two lucky girls are cast to play Marie in New York City Ballet's "Nutcracker." This year's Maries tell us what it's like. [Read More]
Eiko Otake performs "A Body in Places," a shifting solo work related to the nuclear disaster in Fukushima... [Read More]
Yvonne Meier turned ordinary objects (tomatoes, Band-Aids) into tools for artistic expression; Jillian Sweeney engaged with memory and storytelling. [Read More]
Step Afrika!'s "The Migration," inspired by Lawrence's paintings, shows that stepping can fill an evening and tell stories. [Read More]
Preeti Vasudevan tells stories of contemporary life, not of gods and goddesses. [Read More]
Maguy Marin returned to New York with "BiT," an evening-length dance that digs into the ugly side of human behavior. [Read More]